macOS – uTorrent Shortcut Keys

uTorrent Shortcut Keys

macOS – uTorrent Shortcut Keys

uTorrent Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+O – Open / Add Torrent
Command+D – Add Torrent (no default save)
Command+U – Add Torrent from URL
Command+N – Create New Torrent
Command+Option+Down – Move Down Queue
Command+Option+Up – Move Up Queue
Delete – Remove Torrent
Shift+Delete – Remove and delete Data
Command+F – Filter Torrents
Command+P – Preferences
Command+R – RSS Downloader
Command+G – Setup Guide
F1 – µTorrent Help
F2 – Rename Torrent (or RSS Favorite)
F4 – Show Toolbar
F5 – Show Detailed Info
F6 – Show Status Bar
F7 – Show Category List
Command+C – Copy Selected Logger Tab Text, Copy Statistics Dialog Text
Command+Shift+R – Reload flags.bmp / flags.conf
Delete – Remove Tracker (from Trackers list)

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