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Vuze shortcut keys

macOS – Vuze Shortcut Keys

macOS – Vuze Shortcut Keys

Vuze Shortcut Keys for macOS

Tab/Shift+Tab – Move between tables, Buttons,Tabs and other widgets
Spacebar – Press/Toggle Currently selected Button/Checkbox
Option – Open Menu
Option+Underlined Letter – Shortcut to Menu Items
Typing Words – Filter as you type Feature using Wikipedia Regular expression (Valid in the downloading and completed torrent tables)
Command+BS – Clear filter as you type Text
Command+X – Change filter as you type to/from Regex Searches
Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Select torrent(s) above or below current one(multiple select)
Command+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move selected torrent(s) Up/Down
Command+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Scroll to the Left/Right End
Command+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move selected torrent(s) Up/Down 10 spaces
Command+Home/End – Move selected torrent(s) to Top/Bottom of List
Command+PgDn/PgUp – Tab to the Left/Right (doesn’t work to get out of sub tabs like in statistics)
Command+F6 – Tab to the Right (ignores sub tabs)
Command+F4 – Close Current Tab
Command+A – Select All torrents
Command+S – Stop Selected torrents
Command+R – Resume/Start Selected torrent
Command+Shift+S – Stop all torrents
Command+L – Popup ‘Open URL’ window
Select, Shift+Select other Row – select multiple (group)
Select, Command+Select other Row – select multiple (single)
Command+Shift+Select other Row – select multiple (multi group)

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macOS – Vuze Shortcut Keys

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