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zoho show shortcut keys

macOS – Zoho Show Shortcut Keys

macOS – Zoho Show Shortcut Keys

Zoho Show Shortcut Keys for macOS

Command+S – Save File
Command+Shift+S – Save As File
Command+P – Print File
Command+O – Open File
Command+Z – Undo last action
Command+Y – Redo last action
Command+X – Cut
Command+C – Copy
Command+V – Paste
Command+K – Insert link
Shift+N – Normal view
Shift+M – Master view
Shift+S – Sorter view
Option+G – Toggle Guides
Shift+G – Toggle grids
Option+S – Slideshow from beginning
Command+B – Bold toggle for selection
Command+I – Italic toggle for selection
Command+U – Underline toggle for selection
Command+/ – Strikethrough toggle for selection
Command+L – Left align
Command+E – Center align
Command+R – Right align
Command+J – Justify align
Shift+Tab – Decrease Indent
Tab – Increase Indent
Command+F – Find and replace

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macOS – Zoho Show Shortcut Keys

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