MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Shortcut Keys Download PDF

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Shortcut Keys

film Edit pro is a patron-based totally nonlinear video modifying software designed via German Magix software program GmbH for the laptop. it is the nice promoting video software in european retail.the primary model became posted in 2001. in step with the developer, it implemented the ideas of non-destructiveness and item orientation to a video modifying program for the first time.

Space bar – Start/stop
L/Shift+L – Increase playback speed in
K – Stop playback
J/Shift+J – Reduce playback speed in
stages until negative direction
Shift+Left arrow – Accelerate playback speed in positive direction
Shift+Right Arrow – Accelerate playback speed in negative direction
Reserved – Restart beginning at playback
Pos 1 – Playback marker back to the
End – Playback marker to end
# – Play from range start to range end
+ – Playback at current frame
P – Activate smooth playback for
Left arrow – 1 frame back
Right arrow – 1 frame forward
Ctrl+Left arrow – 5 frame back
Ctrl+Right arrow – 5 frame forward
Ctrl+Enter – Set project marker

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Shortcut Keys PDF

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