Mastercam Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Mastercam Shortcut Keys

Mastercam Shortcut Keys

Mastercam, CNC software’s principal product, began as a 2nd CAM gadget with CAD equipment that allow machinists design virtual elements on a computer screen and additionally guided computer numerical managed (CNC) machine equipment inside the manufacture of elements. since then, Mastercam has grown into the maximum widely used CAD/CAM package inside the international.CNC software program, Inc. is now placed in Tolland, Connecticut.

Alt+0 – Set Z depth for Construction Plane
Alt+1 – Set main color
Alt+4 – Choose tool plane Tool Plane (Tplane)
Alt+5 – Choose construction plane (Cplane)
Alt+6 – Choose graphics view Graphic View
Alt+A – AutoSave
Alt+B – Toolbar on/off
Alt+C – Run C-Hooks
Alt+D – Drafting global parameters
Alt+E – Hide/unhide geometry
Alt+F – Menu font
Alt+G – Selection grid parameters
Alt+H – On-line help
Alt+J – Job setup
Alt+L – Set entity attributes
Alt+N – Edit named views
Alt+O – Operations Manager
Alt+P – Prompt area on/off
Alt+Q – Undo last operation
Alt+R – Edit last operation
Alt+S – Full-time shading on/off
Alt+T – In Toolpath menu, turn toolpath display on/off
Alt+U – Undo last action
Alt+V – Mastercam version number and SIM serial number
Alt+W – Viewport configuration
Alt+X – Set main color, level, line style and width from selected entity
Alt+Z – Set visible levels
Alt+‘ – Create two-point circle
Alt+- – With hidden entities, select additional entitis to hide
Alt+= – Unhide selected entities
Alt+F1 – Fit geometry to screen
Alt+F2 – Unzoom by 0.8
Alt+F3 – Cursor tracking on/off
Alt+F4 – Exit Mastercam
Alt+F5 – Delete using window selection
Alt+F7 – Blank geometry
Alt+F8 – System configuration
Alt+F9 – Display all axes
Alt+F10 – Maximize and minimize screen
F1 – Zoom
F2 – Unzoom
F3 – Repaint
F4 – Show Analyze menu
F5 – Show Delete menu
F6 – Show File menu
F7 – Show Modify menu
F8 – Show Create menu
F9 – Part information on/off
F10 – List all functions and execute selected
Esc – System interrupt or menu backup
Page Up – Zoom in by 0.8
Page Down – Zoom out by 0.8
Arrow Keys – Pan

Mastercam Shortcut Keys PDF

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