Maxwell Render Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Maxwell Render Shortcut Keys

Maxwell Render is an independent 3D render engine, evolved via next restrict technologies in Madrid, Spain. This stand-on my own software is used within the movie, animation, and VFX industry, in addition to architectural and product layout visualization. It gives numerous plug-ins for three-D/CAD and put up manufacturing programs.

F1 – Help
Ctrl+Q – Exit
Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save as
Ctrl+Shift+I – Import
Ctrl+Shift+E – Export MXS
Shift+F1 – What’s this

Ctrl+Shift+0 – Default layout
Ctrl+1 – New viewport

Ctrl+G – Group
Ctrl+H – Hide/unhide

Ctrl+Shift+C – New camera

Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+F – Select by keyword

/ – Expand
+ – Expand to bound
– Collapse
* – Invert triangle
F8 – Epand to facet
F9 – Raycast
F10 – Front face
F11 – Paint

Alt+Left mouse key – Rotate
Alt+Middle Mouse Key – Pan
Alt+Right Mouse Key – Zoom
Ctrl+Alt+ Left mouse key – Slow rotate
Ctrl+Alt+ Middle mouse key – Slow pan
Ctrl+Alt+ Right mouse key – Slow zoom
Shift+Alt+Left Mouse Key – Aim
Shift+Alt+Middle Mouse Key – Roll
Shift+Alt+Right Mouse Key – Dolly

C – Center selection
Shift+C – Center scene
Ctrl+Shift+C – New camera
Ctrl+G – Group
I – Toggle info
K – Toggle sky
Alt+G – Toggle grid
Z – Toggle compass
Alt+R – Toggle region
S – Select
P – Pan
Ctrl+plus – Zoom in
Ctrl+- – Zoom out
Ctrl+Arrow Right – Rotate CW
Ctrl+Arrow Left – Rotate CCW
F – Full size
H – Show/hide panel
Ctrl+Alt+S – Load script

Maxwell Render Shortcut Keys PDF

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