Media Player Classic (MPC) Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Media Player Classic (MPC) Shortcut Keys

Media Player Classic (MPC) Shortcut Keys

Media player conventional (MPC) is a compact media player for 32-bit and sixty four-bit Microsoft windows. MPC mimics the appearance and experience of windows Media player 6.4, but affords most alternatives and features available in modern media players. It and its forks are wellknown media players in the okay-Lite Codec percent and the blended network Codec p.c..

Space – Play/pause
Alt+Enter – Fullscreen
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Volume
W – Subtitle on/off
S – Subtitle cycle
A – Audio cycle

Click – Play/pause
Double click – Fullscreen
Scroll – Volume
Right click – Local menu

Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Jump to keyframe
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Medium jump (~5-20 sec)
Ctrl+G – Goto time

O – Options
B – Boss key
Shift+F10 – File properties
Alt+I – Save picture
Ctrl+I – Show time
Ctrl+7 – Playlist
1 – Minimal view
2 – Compact view
3 – Normal view

Media Player Classic (MPC) Shortcut Keys PDF

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