MediaMonkey Shortcut Keys Download PDF

MediaMonkey Shortcut Keys

MediaMonkey Shortcut Keys

MediaMonkey for home windows (on occasion referred to as MMW) is a virtual media player and media library utility evolved by using Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and gambling audio on Microsoft home windows working systems. with the aid of the usage of plugins, it could be prolonged to handle video and different media codecs as well.

Ctrl+P – Play/Pause
Ctrl+B/Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow – Previous Track
Ctrl+N/Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow – Next Track
Ctrl+Shift+B – Back 5 Seconds
Ctrl+Shift+N – Forward 5 Seconds
Ctrl+O – Stop
Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow – Volume Up
Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow – Volume Down
Enter – Play (selected Tracks) Now (can be changed by modifying ‘Double-click action’)
Alt+Enter – Play (selected Track) Now – Alternate
Ctrl+Enter – Play (selected Tracks) After Others
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Play (selected Tracks) Next
Shift+Enter – Edit Properties of selected Tracks
Alt+Right Arrow – Advance Track in Property Editor
Alt+Left Arrow – Previous Track in Property Editor
Delete – Delete Selected Tracks (recycle bin)
Shift+Delete – Permanently Delete Selected Tracks
Home – Select First Track
End – Select Last Track
Ctrl+A – Select All Tracks
Ctrl+F/F3 – Search
Ctrl+L – Auto-Tag from Amazon
Ctrl+T – Auto-Tag from filename
Ctrl+R – Auto-Organize
Ctrl+S – Synchronize Tags
Ctrl+Shift+R – Rip Audio CD
Ctrl+Shift+C – Convert Audio Format
Ctrl+Shift+D – Burn Audio CD
Ctrl+Shift+P – Save Preview
Alt+Left Arrow – Previous node back
Alt+Right Arrow – Previous node forward
Ctrl+NumPad + – Resize Columns
F5 – Refresh View
Alt+F5/Ctrl+Alt+F5 – Refresh play order to match sort order (in Playlist nodes)
F6 – Show Now Playing node
F7/Alt+Home – Show Library node (collapsed)
F8 – Show Artists node
F9 – Show Albums node
F10 – Show Genre node
F11 – Show Year node
Ctrl+Alt+A – View Album Art (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+P – View Properties editor (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+L – View Player (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+N – View Now Playing dialog (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+V – View Visualization (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+E – View Equalizer (toggle)
Ctrl+Alt+M – Switch to Party Mode (toggle)

Double Click Icon – Restore application
Click Icon – Play/Pause
Drag Left on Icon – Previous Track
Drag Right on Icon – Next Track
Drag Up on Icon – Volume Up
Drag Down on Icon – Volume Down

Enter – Play Selected Track
0 – Play/Pause
+ – Show Now Playing
1 – Backward 5 Seconds
2 – Volume Down
3 – Forward 5 Seconds
4 – Balance Left
5 – Balance Center
6 – Balance Right
7 – Previous Track
8 – Volume Up
9 – Next Track

MediaMonkey Shortcut Keys PDF

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