Microsoft Visio Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Microsoft Visio Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Visio Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Visio (formerly Microsoft workplace Visio) is a diagramming and vector pictures software and is a part of the Microsoft office own family. The product turned into first introduced in 1992, made via the Shapeware enterprise. It become received by Microsoft in 2000.

Ctrl +1 – Select Painter Tool
Ctrl +2 – Select Text Tool
Ctrl +3 – Select Connector Tool
Ctrl +4 – Select Pencil Tool
Ctrl +Shift+4 – Select TextBox Tool
Ctrl +5 – Select the freedom Tool
Ctrl +6 – Select Line Tool
Ctrl +7 – Select Arc Tool
Ctrl +8 – Select Rectangle Tool
Ctrl +9 – Select Ellipse Tool
Ctrl +Shift+2 – Select Crop Tool
Ctrl +Shift+P – Switch format painter on/off
F2 – Rename the shape
Ctrl +F – Find Shape
Ctrl +H – Replace Shape
Ctrl +C/Ctrl +V/Ctrl +X – Copy,Paste and Cut respectively Shape
Del – Delete the selected shape
Shift+Arrow Keys – Nudge selected Shape by 1 px
Alt+H – Open the home tab
F11 – Open text dialog box
F3 – Open format task pane
Alt+F9 – Open the snap & glue features
Ctrl +Shift+L – Align text left
Ctrl +Shift+R – Align text right
Ctrl +Shift+C – Align text center horizontally
Ctrl +Shift+J – Justify text horizontally
Ctrl +Shift+T – Top-Align text Vertically
Ctrl +Shift+M – Align text center vertically
Ctrl +Shift+V – Bottom align text vertically
Ctrl +Left Arrow – Move one word to the left
Ctrl +Right Arrow – Move one word to the right
Shift+Left Arrow – Select or cancel a character to the left
Shift+Right Arrow – Select or cancel a character to the right
Ctrl +Shift+Left arrow – Select or cancel a word to the left
Ctrl +Shift+Right Arrow – Select or cancel a word to the right
F5 – Update the file
Shift+F10 – Display shortcut menu for selected item
Ctrl +A – Select all text
Ctrl +B – Turn on /off Bold
Ctrl +U – Turn on/off underline
Ctrl +I – Turn on/off Italic
Ctrl +Shift+D – Turn on/off double underline
Ctrl +Shift+A – Turn on/off all caps
Ctrl +Shift+K – Turn on/off small caps
Ctrl +++= – Turn on/off subscript
Ctrl +Shift+= – Turn on/off superscript
Ctrl +Shift+> – Increase font size
Ctrl +Shift+< – Reduce font size
Home – Move to the beginning
End – Move to the end of entry
F5 – Full screen view
Esc – Exit Full screen view
PgDn – Open the next page in drawing
PdUp – Open the previous page in drawing
Alt+F6 – Zoom in
Alt+Shift+F6 – Zoom out
Ctrl +Shift+W – Fit to window
Alt+Tab – Switch window in app
Alt+F4 – Close the current window
Ctrl +F10 – Maximize the selected window
Ctrl +F5 – Restore the size of visio program
Alt+Spacebar – Display shortcut menu
Arrow Keys – Move between shapes/text
F1 – Open help window
Alt+F4 – Close help window
Alt+Home – Go back to Visio 16 Home
Ctrl+Tab – Cycle through open drawings
Ctrl +S – Save Diagram
Ctrl +O – Open existing diagram
Shift+F4 – Open the page dialog box
Ctrl +Alt+P – Open the recorder pages in dialog box
Ctrl+Z – Undo Changes
PrtScn – Copy the picture from screen
Alt+PrtScn – Copy the picture from selected window

Microsoft Visio Shortcut Keys PDF

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