Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys

mozilla firefox shortcut keys
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Mozilla Firefox (or absolutely Firefox) is a unfastened and open-supply net browser developed with the aid of the Mozilla foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla company. Firefox is to be had for windows, macOS and Linux working systems, with its Firefox for Android to be had for Android (formerly Firefox for mobile, it also ran on the discontinued Firefox OS), and uses the Gecko format engine to render net pages, which implements current and predicted internet requirements. a further model, Firefox for iOS, changed into launched in past due 2015, but this model does no longer use Gecko because of Apples restrictions limiting 0.33-birthday celebration net browsers to the WebKit-based format engine built into iOS.

Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
Alt + Backspace Navigation Navigation
Shift + Backspace Forward Navigation
Alt + Home Home Navigation
Ctrl + O Open File Navigation
Ctrl + R Reload Navigation
F5 Reload Navigation
Ctrl + Shift + R Reload (override cache) Navigation
Ctrl + F5 Reload (override cache) Navigation
Esc Stop Navigation
PgDN Go Down a Screen Current Page
PgUp Go Up a Screen Current Page
End Go to Bottom of Page Current Page
Home Go to Top of Page Current Page
F6 Move to Next Frame Current Page
Shift + F6 Move to Previous Frame Current Page
Ctrl + P Print Current Page
Ctrl + S Save Page As Current Page
Ctrl + + Zoom In Current Page
Ctrl + – Zoom Out Current Page
Ctrl + 0 Zoom Reset Current Page
Ctrl + C Copy Editing
Ctrl + X Cut Editing
Ctrl + V Paste Editing
Delete Delete Editing
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste (as plain text) Editing
Ctrl + Y Redo Editing
Ctrl + Z Undo Editing
Ctrl + A Select All Editing
Ctrl + F Find Search
F3 Find Again Search
Ctrl + G Find Again Search
Shift + F3 Find Previous Search
Ctrl + Shift + G Find Previous Search
/ Quick Find Search
Esc Close the Find or Quick Find bar Search
Ctrl + K Focus Search bar Search
Ctrl + E Focus Search bar Search
Ctrl + Top Arrow Quickly switch between search engines Search
F4 View menu to switch, add or manage search engines Search
Ctrl + W Close Tab Search
Ctrl + Shift + W Close Window Search
Alt + F4 Close Window Search
Ctrl + Shift + Top Arrow Move Tab in focus Left Search
Ctrl + Shift + PgDN Move Tab in focus Right Search
Ctrl + Home Move Tab in focus to start Search
Ctrl + End Move Tab in focus to end Search
Ctrl + M Mute/Unmute Audio Search
Ctrl + T New Tab Search
Ctrl + N New Window Search
Ctrl + Shift + P New Private Window Search
Ctrl + Tab Next Tab Search
Alt + Enter Open Address in New Tab Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous Tab Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo Close Tab Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + T Undo Close Tab Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + Shift + N Undo Close Window Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + 1 Select Tab 1 to 8 Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + 9 Select Last Tab Windows & Tabs
Ctrl + H History sidebar History
Ctrl + Shift + H Library window (History) History
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Clear Recent History History
Ctrl + Shift + D Bookmark All Tabs History
Ctrl + D Bookmark This Page Bookmarks
Ctrl + B Bookmarks sidebar Bookmarks
Ctrl + Shift + B Library window (Bookmarks) Bookmarks
Ctrl + J Downloads Tools
Ctrl + Shift + A Add-ons Tools
F2 Toggle Developer Tools Tools
Ctrl + Shift + I Toggle Developer Tools Tools
Ctrl + Shift + K Web Console Tools
Ctrl + Shift + C Inspector Tools
Ctrl + Shift + S Debugger Tools
Shift + F7 Style Editor Tools
Shift + F5 Profiler Tools
Ctrl + Shift + Q Network Tools
Shift + F2 Developer Toolbar Tools
Ctrl + Shift + M Responsive Design View Tools
Shift + F4 Scratchpad Tools
Ctrl + U Page Source Tools
Ctrl + Shift + J Browser Console Tools
N Next page PDF Viewer
J Next page PDF Viewer
> Next page PDF Viewer
P Previous page PDF Viewer
K Previous page PDF Viewer
< Previous page PDF Viewer
Ctrl + + Zoom in PDF Viewer
Ctrl + – Zoom out PDF Viewer
Ctrl + 0 Automatic Zoom PDF Viewer
R Rotate the document clockwise PDF Viewer
Shift + R Rotate counterclockwise PDF Viewer
Ctrl + Alt + P Switch to Presentation Mode PDF Viewer
H Toggle Hand Tool PDF Viewer
Ctrl + Alt + G Focus the Page Number input box PDF Viewer
Ctrl + Enter Complete .com Address Miscellaneous
Shift + Enter Complete .net Address Miscellaneous
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Complete .org Address Miscellaneous
Delete Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry Miscellaneous
F11 Toggle Full Screen Miscellaneous
F10 Toggle Menu Bar activation (showing it temporarily when hidden) Miscellaneous
Alt Toggle Menu Bar activation (showing it temporarily when hidden) Miscellaneous
Ctrl + Alt + R Toggle Reader Mode Miscellaneous
F7 Caret Browsing Miscellaneous
F6 Select Location Bar Miscellaneous
Alt + D Select Location Bar Miscellaneous
Alt + L Select Location Bar Miscellaneous
Space Toggle Play / Pause Media shortcuts
Bottom Arrow Decrease volume Media shortcuts
Top Arrow Increase volume Media shortcuts
Ctrl + Bottom Arrow Mute audio Media shortcuts
Ctrl + Top Arrow Unmute audio Media shortcuts
< Seek back 15 seconds Media shortcuts
Ctrl + < Seek back 10 % Media shortcuts
> Seek forward 15 seconds Media shortcuts
Home Seek to the beginning Media shortcuts
End Seek to the end Media shortcuts
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