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MS Project

MS project Shortcuts. Microsoft project is a task management software program product, advanced and offered with the aid of Microsoft. it is designed to assist a project supervisor in developing a plan, assigning resources to responsibilities, monitoring progress, handling the price range, and analyzing workloads.In Microsoft office 2007, even as most of Microsoft office apps adopted ribbons of their user interface, writer retained its toolbars and did now not adopt ribbons until the following version, Microsoft Office 2010.

MS Project Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key Information
Alt + F3 Show the Field Settings dialog box
Alt + F4 Closes Project Help Window
Alt + F10 Assign Resources
Alt + End Move to the End of Project
Alt + Home Move to the Beginning of Project
Alt + Shift + – Hide Subtasks
Alt + Shift + * Show All Tasks
Alt + Shift + = Show Subtasks
Alt + Shift + Left Arrow Outdent a Task
Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Indent a Task
Alt + Shift + Tab Switch to Previous Window
Alt + Space Control Menu Will be Activated
Alt + Tab Next Window
Ctrl + End Move to End of Text Box
Ctrl + F2 Links Selected Tasks
Ctrl + F5 Restore the Size of the Active Window After Maximizing it
Ctrl + F6 Multiple Open Windows, Switch to Next Window
Ctrl + F9 Turn On or Off Auto Calculate
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + D Fill Down
Ctrl + F Opens Find Dialog Box
Ctrl + K Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl + N Opens a New Blank Project
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Alt + V Paste Special
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Home Move to Beginning of a Text Box
Ctrl + Right Arrow Move One Word to the Right
Ctrl + Left Arrow Move One Word to the Left
Ctrl + F12 Open Project File
Ctrl + Shift + A Change Task to Auto Schedule
Ctrl + Shift + F2 Unlink Selected Tasks
Ctrl + Shift + F6 Switch to Previous Window
Ctrl + Shift + M Change Task to Manually Schedule
Ctrl + Space Select Current Column
Ctrl + Top Arrow Jump to First Row
Ctrl + Bottom Arro Jump to Last Row
Ctrl + W Close Active Project Window
F1 Opens Project Help Window
F2 Edit Task (or Other Field)
F3 With Column Filter Active: Remove All Filters
F7 Start Spellcheck
F8 Extend Selection Mode On/Off
F12 Save As
Insert Inserts new task
Shift + F2 Opens the Task Information Dialog Box
Shift + F6 Activate Split Bar
Shift + F8 Turn off or on the add to selection mode
Shift + F10 Shortcut Menu
Shift + F11 Open new window
Shift + Space Select Current Row
Shift + Tab Move to previous cell
Shift + Tab Move to previous cell
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