MuseScore Shortcut Keys PDF Download

MuseScore Shortcut Keys

MuseScore Shortcut Keys

Create, play lower back and print stunning sheet track with loose and clean to apply music notation software program MuseScore. For windows, Mac and Linux.

Home – Beginning of Score

End – End of Score

Ctrl+Tab – Next Score

Shift+Ctrl+Tab – Previous Score

Ctrl++ – Zoom In

Ctrl+- – Zoom Out

N – Begin Note Input Mode

Esc – Leave Note Input Mode

Q – Half Duration Of Previous Note

W – Double Duration Of Previous Note

Shift+Q – Decrease Duration By a Dot

Shift+W – Increase Duration By a Dot

Ctrl+Alt+1 – Voice 1

Ctrl+Alt+2 – Voice 2

Ctrl+Alt+3 – Voice 3

Ctrl+Alt+4 – voice 4

R – Repeat Previous Note or Chord

Ctrl+Up Arrow – Raise Pitch By Octave

Ctrl+Down Arrow – Lower Pitch By Octave

R – Repeat Selection

Up Arrow – Raise Pitch By Semi-Tone

down Arrow – Lower Pitch By Semi-Tone

Alt+Num – Add Inreval Above Current Note

X – Flip Direction

Shift+X – Mirror Note Head

} – Increase Stretch of Measure(S)

{ – Decrease Stretch of Measure(S)

Ctrl+Return – page Back On Selected Barline

Shift+S – Staccato

Shift+N – Tenuto

Shift+V – Sforzato

Shift+O – Marcato

< – Crescendo

> – Decrescendo

Ctrl+T – Staff Text

Ctrl+Shift+T – System Text

Alt+T – Tampo Text

Ctrl+M – Rehearsal Mark

Ctrl+L – Enter Lyrics on a Note

Shift+Space – Previous Lyrics Syllable

Alt+left Arrow – Move Lyric Syllable Left by 0.01sp

Alt+Right Arrow – Move Lyric Syllable Right by 0.01sp

Ctrl+Up Arrow – Up to Previous Stanza

Ctrl+Down Arrow – Down to Next Stanza
F12 – Navigator

F11 – Play Panel

F10 – Mixer

F9 – Palette

F8 – Inspector

F6 – Selection Filter

V – Toggle Visibility on Selected Element(S)

I – Show Instruments Dialog

M – Toggle Multi-Measure Rests On or Off

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