MyLifeOrganized Shortcut Keys Download PDF

MyLifeOrganized Shortcut Keys

MyLifeOrganized Shortcut Keys

MyLifeOrganized software lets you think and act otherwise – and doing matters in another way is step one in digging yourself out of the procrastination rut. the primary idea of MyLifeOrganized is to help you to plot and organize a while in this sort of way which you accomplish your maximum critical goals as quickly as viable. arrange your dreams, initiatives and obligations right into a tree and MyLifeOrganized will generate a easy To Do listing of actions for you. This listing will include most effective the ones movements that require immediately attention. The To Do list will be looked after so as of precedence so that you can live centered on what is without a doubt crucial to you.

Ctrl+O – Open file …
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+P – Print
Alt+F1 – Open/close Properties pane
Alt+1 – Toggle between Task List and Task Notes (Context List and Context Notes)
Alt+2 – Open/close General properties
Alt+3 – Open/close Timing & Reminder Properties section
Alt+4 – Open/close Effort Properties section
Alt+5 – Open/close Project properties section
Alt+6 – Open/close Task Statistics properties section
Alt+Enter – When in Rapid Text Entry box, parse the title into Tags; when in Search box move focus to 1st search result
Ctrl+Enter – When in Rapid Text Entry box, parse the title into Tags; when in Search box move focus to 1st search result
Ctrl+F – Find (focus moves to Search box)
Ctrl+L – Open text filter in the filter panel
Ctrl+Shift+F – Hide the Search results and move focus to current outline
Ctrl+Shift+L – Hide the text filter
Alt+Arrow Up/Alt+Arrow Down – Select next/ select previous sibling in the current outline
Alt+Shift+Arrow Keys – Rearrange tasks in the outline
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down – Select next/select previous project in the current outline
Ctrl+Arrow Up/Ctrl+Arrow Down – Select next/ select previous visible task in Outline/To-Do without focusing this task list.
Ctrl+PgUp /Ctrl+PgDn – Previous / next tab
Ctrl+` – Collapse/Expand all subtasks of the current task
F6 – Collapse entire outline or To-Do lists
F7 – Expand entire outline or To-Do list
Ctrl+0 … 9 – Go to bookmark #1, 2…9 in the outline
Ctrl+</Ctrl+> – Go to previous/next bookmark set
Ctrl+Alt+> – Open Bookmarks dialog
Shift+Ctrl+0 … 9 – Set quick bookmark #1, 2…9 to a task in the outline

Alt+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow Right – Jump back/forward to previously selected task
Alt+C – Edit Context for a task
Alt+D – Set Due Date for a task
Alt+E – Toggle hidE in To-Do list
Alt+J – Toggle “This is a ProJect”
Alt+L – Select Context for a task from the List
Alt+P – Toggle complete subtasks in order
Alt+R – Reminder
Alt+S – Set Start date for a task. (Defaults to today’s date)
Alt+V – Select View in the Outline or To-Do tab
Alt+W – Toggle Weekly goal
Alt+X – MaX time required
Alt+Insert – Create a subtask
Ctrl+=/Ctrl+- – Increase/decrease task due date by one day.
Ctrl+Alt+=/Ctrl+Alt+- – Increase/decrease task due date by one week.
Ctrl+Alt+M – Toggles Manual sort on and off
Ctrl+Delete – Delete a task (Context)
Ctrl+H – Highlight task (on/off)
Ctrl+I – Italicize task name
Ctrl+M – Move task
Ctrl+R/Ctrl+Alt+R – Zoom in / Zoom out
Ctrl+Shift+Insert – Insert new sibling folder
Ctrl+Shift+S – Star on/off
Ctrl+Shift+M – Rapid Text Entry dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+P – Toggle Project Status
Insert – Insert a new task (Context)
Ctrl+I – Inserts Indentation

MyLifeOrganized Shortcut Keys PDF

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