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notepad shortcut keys

A Notepad (note book, writing pad, drawing pad, legal pad) is a small e book or binder of paper pages, frequently dominated, used for purposes together with recording notes or memoranda, writing, drawing or scrapbooking. in line with a legend, Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke, Massachusetts, invented the felony pad around the 12 months 1888 while he innovated the concept to accumulate all of the sortings, diverse sort of substandard paper scraps from numerous factories, and stitch them together so as to sell them as pads at an less expensive and fair charge. In approximately 1900, the latter then evolved into the present day prison pad while a local choose requested for a margin to be drawn on the left aspect of the paper. This turned into the first criminal pad.

Notepad Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-V Paste
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y Redo
Ctrl-A Select All
Ctrl-F Launch Find Dialog
Ctrl-H Launch Find / Replace Dialog
Ctrl-D Duplicate Current Line
Ctrl-L Delete Current Line
Ctrl-T Switch the current line position with the previous line position
F3 Find Next
Shft-F3 Find Previous
Ctrl-Shft-F Find in Files
Ctrl-F3 Find (volatil) Next
Ctrl-Shft-F3 Find (volatil) Previous
Ctrl-Shft-I Incremental Search
Ctrl-S Save File
Ctrl-Alt-S Save As
Ctrl-Shft-S Save All
Ctrl-O Open File
Ctrl-N New File
Ctrl-F2 Toggle Bookmark
F2 Go To Next Bookmark
Shft-F2 Go To Previous Bookmark
Ctrl-G Launch GoToLine Dialog
Ctrl-W Close Current Document
Alt-Shft-Arrow keys or Alt + Left mouse click Column Mode Select
F5 Launch Run Dialog
Ctrl-Space Launch CallTip ListBox
Alt-Space Launch Word Completion ListBox
Tab (selection of several lines) Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)
Shft-Tab (selection of several lines) Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)
Ctrl-(Keypad-/Keypad+) or Ctrl + mouse wheel butto Zoom in (+ or up) and Zoom out (- or down)
Ctrl-Keypad/ Restore the original size from zoom
F11 Toggle Full Screen Mode
Ctrl-Tab Next Document
Ctrl-Shft-Tab Previous Document
Ctrl-Shft-Up Move Current Line Up
Ctrl-Shft-Down Move Current Line Down
Ctrl-Alt-F Collapse the Current Level
Ctrl-Alt-Shft-F Uncollapse the Current Level
Alt-0 Fold All
Alt-(1~8) Collapse the Level (1~8)
Alt-Shft-0 Unfold All
Alt-Shft-(1~8) Uncollapse the Level (1~8)
Ctrl-BackSpace Delete to start of word
Ctrl-Delete Delete to end of word
Ctrl-Shft-BackSpace Delete to start of line
Ctrl-Shft-Delete Delete to end of line
Ctrl-U Convert to lower case
Ctrl-Shft-U Convert to UPPER CASE
Ctrl-B Go to matching brace
Ctrl-Shft-R Start to record /Stop recording the macro
Ctrl-Shft-P Play recorded macro
Ctrl-Q Block comment/uncomment
Ctrl-Shft-Q Stream comment
Ctrl-Shft-T Copy current line to clipboard
Ctrl-P Print
Alt-F4 Exit
Ctrl-I Split Lines
Ctrl-J Join Lines
Ctrl-Alt-R Text Direction RTL
Ctrl-Alt-L Text Direction LTR
F1 About
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