Notepad2 Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Notepad2 Shortcut Keys

Notepad2 Shortcut Keys

Notepad2 is a loose and open-supply textual content editor for Microsoft windows, released below a BSD software program license. It became written with the aid of Florian Balmer the usage of the Scintilla editor component, and it turned into first publicly released in April 2004. Balmer primarily based Notepad2 at the ideas of Notepad: small, rapid, and usable

Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
F5 – Revert
F6 – Save as…
Ctrl+F6 – Save copy…
Alt+N – Launch – New window
Alt+0 (zero) – Launch – Empty window
Ctrl+L – Launch – Execute document
Alt+H – Recent (history)…
Alt+F4 – Exit
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo
Alt+C – Copy all
Alt+F3 – Save find text
Ctrl+D – Lines – Duplicate line
Ctrl+Shift+U – Convert – Uppercase
Ctrl+U – Convert – Lowercase
Ctrl+G – Goto…
Ctrl+W – Word wrap
Ctrl+=, Ctrl+NumPad+ – Zoom in
Ctrl+-, Ctrl+NumPad- – Zoom out
Ctrl+/, Ctrl+NumPad/ – Reset zoom
Ctrl+Shift+H – Auto close HTML/XML
Alt+T – Always on top
Ctrl+0 (zero) – Transparent mode
Alt+F5 – File change notification…
Ctrl+9 – Window title display – Text excerpt
Ctrl+Space – Select word (or line)
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete word before/left
Ctrl+Delete – Delete word after/right
Ctrl+Tab – Insert tabulator
Ctrl+Shift+Space – Select line
Ctrl+T – Tab settings
Alt+NumPad+ – Increase limit for long lines
Alt+NumPad- – Decrease limit for long lines
Ctrl+F7 – Jump to ini-file
Alt+F – File menu
Alt+E – Edit menu
Alt+V – View menu
Alt+S – Settings menu
Alt+Shift+? – Help menu
Shift+F9 – Copy pathname to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+K – Copy window position to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+P – Move window to default position
Escape – Optionally minimize or exit Notepad2
Shift+Escape – Save file and exit Notepad2
F1 – Display version info

Notepad2 Shortcut Keys PDF

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