Notes Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Notes Shortcut Keys

Notes Shortcut Keys

Notes is an album via Canadian jazz pianist Paul Bley and American drummer Paul Motian recorded in 1987 and released on the Italian Soul observe label.

Ctrl+Shift+L – Display All Useful Shortcuts
Alt+A – Access Actions with in Document
Alt+F – File Menu
Alt+E – Edit Menu
Alt+Down Arrow – Open DropDown Controls such as Combo Box etc.
Alt+- – Open Size Menu for Pane Borders
Alt+Spacebar – Open Menu that perform Window Operation like Restore, Minimize , Maximize etc
Arrow Keys – Navigate Keys by DatePicker in Calender
Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Navigate Tabs in Horizontal List
Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Navigate Tabs in Vertical List
Alt+B – Access Open Menu
Ctrl+F – OPen Find Dialog Box
Ctrl+F7 – Access Sidebar
Ctrl+F7thenUp Arrow/Down Arrow – Move to selected Window Panel
PgUp/PgDn – Navigate Pages in Calender
Ctrl+Tab – Navigate Forward in Tab Order
Ctrl+W – Close Current Page
Enter – Expand/Collapse Category/Folder
Esc – Exit Current Element
F1 – Help
F6 – Cycle through All Panes in Open Perspective
– Collapse Category/Folder
Shift+F10 – Open Context Menu
Shift++ – Expand Category/Folder/Thread
Shift+Tab – Navigate backward in Tab Order
Tab – Navigate Forward in Tab Order

Notes Shortcut Keys PDF

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