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Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer Shortcut Keys

Oracle sq. Developer (internally frequently: “sqldeveloper”) is an included development surroundings (IDE) for running with sq. in Oracle databases. Oracle employer presents this product unfastened; it uses the Java development kit.

Arrow Keys – Right/ left/ up/ down
Esc – Cancel
Ctrl+Space – Completion Insight
Ctrl+Shift+D – Duplicate the Line
Alt+Shift+D – Delete Line
Backspace/Shift+Backspace – Delete Previous / Next character
Ctrl+Delete – Delete to start of Next word
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete to start of Previous word
Ctrl+Shift+Y – Delete to end of line
Home/End – Jump to beginning of line/ end of line
Ctrl+J – Join Line
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Move line or selection up/ down
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow Left – Jump to Next/ Previous word
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Scroll line down/ up
Shift+Arrow Keys – Expand selection left/ right/ up/ down
Shift+Home/End – Expand selection to beginning/ end of line
Ctrl+Shift+Home/End – Expand selection to beginning/ end of file
Alt+Shift+Close Brackets – Expand selection to closing matching brace
Alt+Shift+Open Brackets – Expand selection to opening matching brace
Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow/ Left Arrow – Expand selection to Next/ Previous word
Ctrl+2/4/8 – Set Local tab to size 2/ 4/ 8
Ctrl+/ – Toggle Line Comment
Arrow Keys – Left/ right/ up/ down
Alt+Enter – Cell Popup
F11 – Commit Changes
Ctrl+D – Delete selected row(s)
Ctrl+Alt+F – Filter data
Ctrl+I – Insert row
Ctrl+R – Refresh
F12 – Rollback changes
Ctrl+Alt+S – Sort
Ctrl+D – Clear/ Delete
Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+S – Save
Shift+F8 – Continue Step
Alt+F3 – Find Execution Point
Ctrl+I – Inspect
F9 – Resume
F4 – Run to Cursor
F7/Shift+F7 – Step Into/ Step Out
F8 – Step Over
Ctrl+F2 – Terminate
F5 – Toggle Breakpoint
Ctrl+F5 – Watch
Alt+Shift+Page Up/Page Down – Add Cursor Above/ Below
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V – Cut/ Copy/ Paste
Ctrl+Shift+X/Ctrl+Shift+C/Ctrl+Shift+V – Cut/ Copy/ Paste Path
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y – Undo/ Redo
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+P – Print
Ctrl+Shift+F4 – Save
Ctrl+F4 – Close
Ctrl+Shift+F4 – Close All
Shift+Home – Actual Size
Ctrl+S – Save Image
Arrow Keys – Pan (drag) up/down/left/ right
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Drag Right – Zoom in
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Drag Left – Zoom out
Ctrl+Home – Zoom to Fit
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Backwards/ Forwards
Open Bookmarks – Bookmarks
Ctrl+Shift+0…9 – Toggle Bookmark 0…9
Ctrl+0…9 – Go to Bookmark 0…9
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace – Go to last Edit
Ctrl+G – Goto Line
Ctrl+Q/Ctrl+Shift+Q – Go to Next/ Previous Bookmark
Alt+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Go to Next/ Previous Member
Alt+F8/F7 – Go to Next/ Previous Message
Ctrl+= – Go to Recent Files
Ctrl+Alt+M – Maximize Toggle
Ctrl+’/Ctrl+Shift+’ – Navigate down/ up
Alt+V+C – Open Connections
Alt+F10 – Select connection and open new worksheet.

Ctrl+F8 – Compile
Ctrl+Shift+F8 – Compile for Debug
Ctrl+Shift+F10 – Debug
Ctrl+F10 – Run
Ctrl+F – Find
F3/Shift+F3 – Find Next/ Previous
Ctrl+F3/Ctrl+Shift+F3 – Find Next/ Prevoius Word at Cursor
Ctrl+E/Ctrl+Shift+E – Incremental Find Forward/ Backwards
` (grave accent) – Global Search
Ctrl+R – Replace
Ctrl+Alt+Enter – Code Assist
Ctrl+Shift+[/] – Collapse/ Expand All
Ctrl+[/] – Collape/ Expand Block
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Complete Statement
Ctrl+Shift+=/- – Expand/ Narrow Selection
Ctrl+Shift+. – Focus Breadcrumbs
Ctrl+D – Quick Doc
Alt+Shift+F – Reformat
Ctrl+Shift+W – Show Whitespace
Ctrl+Shift+R – Breakpoints
Ctrl+Shift+P – Components
Ctrl+I – Freeze Content
Ctrl+Shift+L – Log
Ctrl+R – Refresh
Alt+1…9 – Activate Document 1…9
Alt+Shift+1…9 – Assign to Alt+1…9
Alt+0 – File List
Alt+Page Up/Page Down – Left Editor/ Right Editor
F6/Shift+F6 – Next Pane/ Previous Pane
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Next File/ Previous File
Shift+F5/Alt+Shift+F5 – Left Tab/ Right Tab
Alt+- – Show Editor Menu
F6 – Autotrace
Ctrl+D – Clear
F11 – Commit
F10 – Explain Plan
F12 – Rollback
F5 – Run Script
Ctrl+Enter (or F9) – Run Statement
F8 – SQL History
Ctrl+F12 – SQL Tuning Advisor
Alt+F10 – SQL Worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+X – TimesTen Index Advisor
Ctrl+Shift+N – Unshared SQL Worksheet
Ctrl+’ – Toggle Case
Ctrl+Shift+F7 – Embed/ Expose
Ctrl+F7 – Format
Shift+F4 – Popup Descrip
Shift+F10 – Context Menu
Ctrl+Shift+I – Properties
Ctrl+Alt+A – Quick Action
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – SQL History – append from Next/ Previous
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Arrow Up – SQL History – replace with Next/ Previous
Ctrl+F11 – Run File
Ctrl+Shift+F9 – Build/ Make
Alt+Shift+F9 – Build/ Rebuild
F1 – Context Help
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Help Backwards/ forward
cf – CREATE FUNCTION function_name
cp – CREATE PROCEDURE procedure_name
ct – CREATE TABLE table ()
II – Insert Into table VALUES ()
ssf – SELECT * FROM table

Oracle SQL Developer Shortcut Keys PDF

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