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PhotoScape is a photos modifying software, evolved by using MOOII Tech, Korea. The basic concept of PhotoScape is ‘easy and a laugh’, allowing users to easily edit photographs taken from their virtual cameras or maybe cellular phones. PhotoScape affords a simple user interface to carry out commonplace photo upgrades including colour adjustment, slicing, resizing, printing and GIF animation. Photoscape operates on Microsoft windows structures and Mac. It isn’t to be had on Linux structures. The default languages are English and Korean, with additional language applications to be had for download.

Photoscape Shortcut Keys

Function/Action Shortcut Key
Editor Shift + Enter
Slideshow Ctrl + Enter
Refresh folders and photos F5
Delete selected files Delete key
Fullscreen or editor Enter
Fullscreen Alt + Enter
Save Ctrl + S
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy to clipboard Ctrl + C
Show EXIF window Ctrl + E
Color Balance Ctrl + B
Film Effect Ctrl + F
Whitebalance Ctrl + W
Zoom in Ctrl + ‘+’ (plus)
Zoom out Ctrl + ‘-‘ (minus)
Zoom window Ctrl + 0
Zoom 100% Ctrl + Alt + 0
Animated GIF
Delete all photos at the list Ctrl + Delete
Move forward selected photos Ctrl + Left
Move backward selected photos Ctrl + Right
Change selection Home, End, Left, Right
Select all frames Ctrl + A
Save animated GIF file Ctrl + S
Batch Editor
Add a photo Insert
Combine, Print
Add a photo Insert
Add a photo from clipboard Ctrl + V
Copy to clipboard Ctrl + C
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