Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Shortcut Keys

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Shortcut Keys

pinnacle Studio is a video modifying program at the start advanced via top systems because the patron-degree counterpart to top’s former expert-degree software, Liquid version. It changed into obtained through Avid and later by using Corel in July 2012. pinnacle Studio lets in customers to author video content in Video CD, DVD-Video, AVCHD or Blu-ray layout, add complementary menus and burn them to disc.

D – Go to Mark In
F – Go to Mark Out
E/Home – Go to Start
R/End – Go to End
PgUp – Go to Previous Page of StoryBoard/Timeline
PgDn – Go to Next Page of StoryBoard/Timeline
Ctrl+PgUp – Go to Previous Menu Chapter
Ctrl+PgDn – Go to Next Menu Chapter
Left Arrow – Selecte Previous Clip
Right Arrow – Select Next Clip
X/Ctrl+Up Arrow – Step Forward 1 Frame
Y/Ctrl+Down Arrow – Step Backward 1 Frame
Spacebar – Play/Pause
K – Play at Normal speed
L – Fast Forward
J – Fast Backward
NumPad +/NumPad – – Zoom in/Zoom out in Timeline
C – Set Menu Chapter
V – Clear Menu Chapter
M – Set Return to Menu
Delete – Delete Selected Clips

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Shortcut Keys PDF

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