Plex Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Plex Shortcut Keys

Plex Shortcut Keys

Plex is a purchaser-server media participant machine and software suite comprising two principal components.
The Plex Media Server computing device software runs on windows, macOS and Linux-compatibles which includes a few kinds of NAS devices. The ‘server’ desktop software organizes video, audio and images out of your collections and from online offerings, enabling the gamers to access and circulate the contents.

Spacebar/P – Play/Pause
X – Stop
Esc – Exit
F – Fast forward
R – Rewind
Up Arrow+] – Forward 10 minute or next video
Right Arrow+. – Forward 30 seconds/Next track
Down Arrow+[ – Backward 10 minutes
Left Arrow+, – Backward 30 seconds/Previous track
M – On screen menu
H/Tab – Exit main menu
A – Cycle through audio tracks
S – Subtitle on/off
O – Progress bar
I – Playback Info Diagnostic
L – Cycle through subtitle
Z – Cycle through view modes
+/- – Increse/Decrese Volume
F6 – Media Items
Up arrow – Move Up
Down Arrow – Move Down
Right Arrow – Move Right
Left Arrow – Move Left
Enter – Select current item
H – Back to Homescreen
Ctrl+A – Switches to the previous audio track
Ctrl+L – Switch to previous subtitle track
Alt+A – Increase audio delay
Alt+S – Increase Subtitle delay
Alt+Shift+A – Decrease audio delay
Alt+Shift+S – Decrease subtitle delay
Left Arrow – Navigate left
Right Arrow – Navigate Right
Up Arrow – Navigate Up
Down Arrow – Navigate Down
Esc – Exit/Back
Enter – Select current item
P – Start Playback of selected item
C – Open Context Menu
H – Go to homescreen
\ – Window/FullScreen mode
Q – Perform the add to up next action
Shift+A..Z – Go to items beginning with the specified letter
F11/Alt+Enter – FullScreen Desktop(From Windowed)
Shift+F11 – Fullscreen TV(From Windowed)
F11/Shift+F11/Alt+Enter – Exit FullScreen to Windowed
Win+Down Arrow – Minimize Windows

Plex Shortcut Keys PDF

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