Pro Real Time Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Pro Real Time Shortcut Keys

Pro Real Time Shortcut Keys

ProRealTime is a web charting software program for technical evaluation & buying and selling.
ProRealTime’s high satisfactory charts, analytic gear and dependable market statistics obtained without delay from the exchanges make it a powerful decision guide tool.

Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Q – Quit
Ctrl+L – Lists
Ctrl+F – Advanced Search
Ctrl+1 – Top Movers 1
Ctrl+2 – Top Movers 2
Ctrl+T – ProRealTrend Detection
Ctrl+E – ProScreener
Ctrl+A – Alerts Status
Ctrl+R – Spreads
Ctrl+K – Options and Futures
Ctrl+D – Cursor Details
Ctrl+P – Portfolios
Ctrl+O – Order List
Ctrl+I – proCommunity
Ctrl+W – Save/Delete
F1 – Personal Template 1
F2 – Personal Template 2
F3 – Personal Template 3
F12 – Personal Template 12
+/- – Zoom in/Zoom Out
Arrow Keys – Scroll Time Scales
Enter/Spacebar – Automatically Adjust Scale
Ctrl+U – Display Comments
Ctrl+J – Display Objects
Esc – Close Active Window
Ctrl+H – Reduce All Windows to System Tray

Pro Real Time Shortcut Keys PDF

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