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Putty commands

Putty Commands

Putty is an open source SSH purchaser used to hook up with a far flung server. Putty is essentially a terminal for home windows primarily based working systems. It supports several network protocols, together with SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and uncooked socket connection. PuTTY changed into at the start written for Microsoft home windows, however it’s been ported to numerous other operating structures. To work with Putty you want to know few primary Putty instructions.

Download Putty

For 32 bit Windows – putty.sxe
For 64 bit Windows – putty.sxe

pwd – How to find out where you are
cd – Navigate to
cd . – The same directory
cd .. – Move me up one directory
cd – – Go to the previous directory
cd ~ – Go to Home folder
cd / – Go to root
ls – List files
ls -a – Show me all files in a directory
ls -h – Show contents with file size
ls -r – How to list sub-directories recursively
ls -is – How to list files by file size
ls -alh – List all folders in directory with details
cp – Copying a file
cp -r – Copy a folder with all files
cp filename.php /home/filename2.php – Copy and rename
mv – Moving a file
mv page.php /home/newpage.php – Move and rename
mkdir – Create a folder
touch – Create a file
zip -r foldername.zip foldername – Compressing folders
unzip – Decompressing folders
tar -czvf foldername.tar.gz foldername – Compressing folders using tar -czvf
tar -xvf foldername.tar.gz – Decompressing folders using tar -czvf
rm – Delete a file
rm *foldername – Delete all files from a directory
rmdir – Delete a folder/directory
chmod – Change file permissions
chmod -r – Change permissions of folder and all files inside
free -m – Memory usage
whoami – What user am I?
netstat – Show network connections
top – Monitor CPU, processes and memory
df -h – Display sever disk usage

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