qBittorrent Shortcut Keys Download PDF

qBittorrent Shortcut Keys

qBittorrent Shortcut Keys

qBittorrent is a cross-platform client for the BitTorrent protocol this is released below the GNU GPL, model 2. qBittorrent aims to be a unfastened and open-supply software alternative to famous customers including μTorrent.

Ctrl+O – Add Torrent File
Ctrl+Shift+O – Add Torrent Link
Ctrl+Q – Exit qBittorrent
Ctrl+S – Resume
Ctrl+P – Pause
Ctrl+Shift+S – Resume All
Ctrl+Shift+P – Pause All
Ctrl+Shift++ – Top Priority
Ctrl++ – Increase Priority
Ctrl+- – Decrease Priority
Ctrl+Shift+- – Minimum Priority
Ctrl+L – Lock qBittorrent
Alt+O – Options
Ctrl+N – Torrent Creater
F1 – Documentation Help
Alt+F – File Menu
Alt+E – Edit Menu
Alt+V – View Menu
Alt+T – Tools Menu
Alt+H – Help Menu

qBittorrent Shortcut Keys PDF

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