Quickbooks Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

Quickbooks Shortcut Keys

QuickBooks is an accounting software bundle advanced and marketed by means of Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared specially in the direction of small and medium-sized organizations and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud based variations that take delivery of commercial enterprise bills, manage and pay bills, and payroll capabilities.

Alt+C, then Enter – Company – home
Alt+U, then Enter (or Ctrl+J) – Customer Center: Customers & Jobs list
Alt+O, then Enter – Vendor Center
Alt+Y, then Enter – Employee Center
Alt+R then Enter – Report Center
Ctrl+I – Customer Center – Create Invoice
Ctrl+R – Use Register / select account
Ctrl+W – Write new check
Ctrl+T – Open memorized transaction list
Ctrl+Y – Open transaction journal
Ctrl+A – Open Chart of Accounts
Esc – Close active window (or ctrl+f4)
Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Go to next / go to previous Window with multiple sub-windows open
Ctrl+A – Open Chart of Accounts
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Go up one line / down one line
Home/End – Go to beginning / go to end of account list
A…Z – Type name of account to select automatically
Ctrl+R – Open Register (for asset, liability and equity accounts)
Ctrl+Q – Open Quick Report for item
Ctrl+E – Edit Account
Ctrl+U – Use Account
Ctrl+D – Delete Account
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Up one transaction / down one transaction
Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End – First transaction/ last transaction
Alt+1 – Toggle between 1-line and 2-line view
Alt+down arrow with drop-down field available – Open drop-down to select account
Ctrl+l in drop down field – Open list (e.g. Chart of Accounts when in Account Field)
Alt+d – Record Transaction
Ctrl+o – Copy check transaction (complete line)
Ctrl+v – Paste Transaction
Ctrl+d – Delete Transaction
Ctrl+m – Memorize transaction or report
Ctrl+e – Edit transaction selected in register
Ctrl+n – New invoice, bill, check or list item in context
Ctrl+s – Show / hide transaction details
Ctrl+q – QuickReport on transaction or list item
Ctrl+q – Open Quick Report for item
Ctrl+g – Go to register of transfer account
Ctrl+h – Show History (for Accounts Payables / Accounts Receivables transactions)
[+]/- – Change to next day / previous day
t – Change to Today
t – Change to same date in previous week / same date in next week
;/” – Change to same date in previous month / next month
w/k – Change to first day of the week / last day of the week
m/h – Change to first day of the month / Last day of the month
y/r – Change to first day of the year / Last day of the year
Alt+Arrow Down – Date calendar
Ctrl+q – On any applicable item: open Quick report
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Go up / go down one line
Enter – Show item detail / QuickZoom on report
Ctrl+a – Hide/ show header
Ctrl+p – Print report (or alt+t)
Alt+d, then down arrow – Change Date Range of Report
Alt+i – Email report as Excel or PDF
Alt+p/Alt+n – Go to previous / go to next invoice
Ctrl+p – Print invoice (or alt+t)
Tab/Shift+Tab – Jump to next / jump to previous invoice field
Alt+a – Save and close
Alt+s – Save and New
Tab/Shift+Tab – Next field / previous field
Home/End – Beginning of current field
Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Line below / line above in detail area or on report
Page Down/Page Up – Down one screen / up one screen
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Arrow Left – Next word / previous word in field
Ctrl+Page Up/Ctrl+Page Down – First item on list / last item on list (or first/previous month in register)
Esc – Close active window (or ctrl+f4)
Alt+Arrow Down – Display Drop down list in combo box
Delete – Delete character to right of insertion point
Backspace – Delete character to left of insertion point
Ctrl+Delete – Delete line from detail area
Ctrl+Insert – Insert line in detail area
Ctrl+x – Cut selected characters
Ctrl+c – Copy selected characters
Ctrl+v – Paste cut or copied characters
[+]/- – Increase / decrease check or other form number by one
Ctrl+z – Undo changes made in field
Ctrl while opening QB – To start QuickBooks without a company file
Alt while opening QB – To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window)
F1 – Open Help
Alt+f4with Help Active – Close Help
Alt+F4 – Close Quickbooks
Ctrl+F – Simple and Advanced Find
F3 – Open Search
Ctrl+K – Display Service Keys (license and tax numbers)
Ctrl+Shift+U – Get Payroll Updates
F2 – Display product information about your QuickBooks version
Ctrl+2 in Product Information – Open Tech Help

Quickbooks Shortcut Keys PDF

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