RStudio Shortcut Keys Download PDF

RStudio Shortcut Keys

RStudio Shortcut Keys

RStudio is a free and open-supply integrated improvement surroundings (IDE) for R, a programming language for statistical computing and pics. RStudio turned into based by means of JJ Allaire, writer of the programming language ColdFusion. Hadley Wickham is the leader Scientist at RStudio.

Ctrl+2 – Move cursor to console
Ctrl+L – Clean console
Home – Move cursor to beginning of line
End – Move cursor to end of line
Up/Down – Navigate command history
Ctrl+Up – Popup command history
Esc – Interrupt currently executing command
Ctrl+Shift+H – Change working directory
Ctrl+. – Goto file/function
Ctrl+1 – Move cursor to source editor
Ctrl+Shift+N – New document (except on chrome/windows)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N – New document (Chrome only)
Ctrl+O – Open document
Ctrl+S – Save active document
Ctrl+W – Close active document (except on Chrome)
Ctrl+Alt+W – Close active document (Chrome only)
Ctrl+Shift+W – Close all open documents
Ctrl+Shift+K – Preview HTML (markdown and HTML)
Ctrl+Shift+K – Compile notebook/compile PDF (TeX and Sweave)
Ctrl+Alt+I – Insert chunk (Sweave and Knitr)
Ctrl+Shift+R – Insert code section
Ctrl+Enter – Run current line/selection
Alt+Enter – Run current line/selection (retain cursor position)
Ctrl+Shift+P – Re-run previous region
Ctrl+Alt+R – Run current document
Ctrl+Alt+B – Run from document beginning to current line
Ctrl+Alt+E – Run from current line to document end
Ctrl+Alt+F – Run from current line to document end
Ctrl+Alt+T – Run the current code section
Ctrl+Alt+P – Run previous sweave/Rmd code
Ctrl+Alt+C – Run the current Sweave/Rmd chunk
Ctrl+Alt+N – Run the next Sweave/Rmd chunk
Ctrl+Shift+O – Source a file
Ctrl+Shift+S – Source the current document
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Source the current document (with echo)
Alt+L – Fold selected
Shift+Alt+L – Unfold selected
Alt+O – Fold all
Shift+Alt+O – Unfold all
Shift+Alt+G – Go to line
Shift+Alt+J – Jump to
Ctrl+Shift+. – Switch to tab
Ctrl+F11 – Previous tab
Ctrl+F12 – Next tab
Ctrl+Shift+F11 – First tab
Ctrl+Shift+F12 – Last tab
Ctrl+F9 – Navigate back
Ctrl+F10 – Navigate forward
Ctrl+Alt+X – Extract function from selection
Ctrl+Alt+V – Extract variable from selection
Ctrl+I – Reindent lines
Ctrl+Shift+C – Comment/uncomment current line/selection
Ctrl+Shift+/ – Reflow comment
Ctrl+Shift+A – Reformat selection
Ctrl+Shift+Shift+P – Show diagnostics
Alt+Up/Down – Move lines Up/Down
Shift+Alt+Up/Down – Copy lines Up/Down
Ctrl+P – Jump to matching Brace/Paren
Ctrl+Shift+E – Expand to matching Brace/Paren
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E – Select to matching Brace/Paren
Ctrl+Alt+Up – Add cursor above current cursor
Ctrl+Alt+Down – Add cursor beow current cursor
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up – Move active cursor up
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down – Move Active Cursor Down
Ctrl+F – Find and replace
F3 – Find next
Shift+F3 – Find previous
Ctrl+F3 – Use selection for find
Ctrl+Shift+J – Replace and find
Ctrl+Shift+F – Find in files
F7 – Check spelling
Tab/Ctrl+Space – Attempt completion
Up/Down – Navigate candidates
Enter/Tab/Right – Accept selected candidate
Esc – Dismiss completion popup
Ctrl+1 – Move focus to Source Editor
Ctrl+2 – Move focus to Console
Ctrl+3 – Move focus to Help
Ctrl+4 – Show History
Ctrl+5 – Show files
Ctrl+6 – Show plots
Ctrl+7 – Show packages
Ctrl+8 – Show environment
Ctrl+9 – Show git/svn
Ctrl+0 – Show build
Ctrl+F8 – Sync editor & pdf preview
Alt+Shift+K – Reference
Ctrl+Shift+B – Build and reload
Ctrl+Shift+L – Load all (devtools)
Ctrl+Shift+T – Test package (desktop)
Ctrl+Alt+F7 – Test package (web)
Ctrl+Shift+E – Check package
Ctrl+Shift+D – Document package
Shift+F9 – Toggle breakpoint
F10 – Execute next line
Shift+F4 – Step into function
Shift+F6 – Finish function/loop
Shift+F5 – Continue
Shift+F8 – Stop debugging
Ctrl+Alt+F11 – Previous plot
Ctrl+Alt+F12 – Next plot
Ctrl+Alt+D – Diff active source document
Ctrl+Alt+M – Commit changes
Ctrl+Up/Down – Scroll diff view
Spacebar – Stage/unstage(Git)
ENter – Stage/unstage and move to next (Git)
Ctrl+Q – Quit Session (desktop only)
Ctrl+Shift+F10 – Restart R Session
Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+Left/Right – Jump to word
Ctrl+Home/End/Ctrl+Up/Down – Jump to start/end
Ctrl+D – Delete line
Shift+Arrow – Select
Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right – Select word
Alt+Shift+Left – Select to line start
Alt+Shift+RIght – Select to line end
Shift+Page Up/Shift+Page down – Select page up/down
Ctrl+Shift+Home/End – Select page start/end
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete word left
Tab – Indent
Shift+Tab – Outdent
Ctrl+U – Yank line up to cursor
Ctrl+K – Yank line after cursor
Ctrl+Y – Insert currently yanked text
Alt+- – Insert assignment operator
Ctrl+Shift+M – Insert pipe operator
F1 – Show help for function at cursor
F2 – Show source code for function at cursor
Ctrl+Alt+U – Find usages for symbol at cursor (C++)

RStudio Shortcut Keys PDF

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