SharePoint Shortcut Keys Download PDF

SharePoint Shortcut Keys

SharePoint Shortcut Keys

SharePoint is a web-based totally, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft office. released in 2001, SharePoint is in general offered as a file management and storage system, however the product is pretty configurable and usage varies significantly between corporations.

Tab (Press repeatedly immediately after you open the page in a browser) – Turn More Accessible Mode On/Off
Shift+Enter – Expand Menus, such as the Drop-down menu for a list item
Alt+Down Arrow – Move to different options in a Drop down list, such as the Search Scope menu next to the Search box at the top of some pages
Ctrl+B – Apply/Remove Bold formatting from the selected text
Ctrl+I – Apply/Remove Italic formatting from the selected text
Ctrl+U – Apply/Remove the Underline from the selected text
Ctrl+Shift+M – Remove a paragraph indent from the left
Ctrl+M – Indent a paragraph from the left
Delete – Delete the selection without adding it on the Clipboard
Insert – Switch between Inserting and overwriting text
Backspace – Delete the selection, or if there is no selection, the character in front of the cursor
Ctrl+Backspace – Delete all of the word in front of the cursor, but not the previous space
Shift+Enter – Insert a new line(Not in HTML)
Alt+N – Create a document
Alt+U – Upload a document
Select a list item and then Tab to find the edit command – Edit a page in Datasheet view
Alt+NthenTab to find New folder on the shortcut menu – Create a folder
Alt+C – Activate the Actions menu
Alt+N – Activate the Respond to this Survey button
Alt+C (To open the menu,PressShift+Enter…. To select a command,Press Down Arrow) – Activate the Export Results to spreadsheet command. This command is located on the Actions menu
Alt+R – Activate the Show a graphical summary of responses link
Alt+S – Select the Save and Close button in a form for editing a survey response
Alt+U – Activate the Show all responses link
Alt+I – Activate the Settings menu
Alt+N – Activate the Next Page button

SharePoint Shortcut Keys PDF

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