Siemens NX Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Siemens NX Shortcut Keys

Siemens NX Shortcut Keys

NX, previously referred to as “UG”. In 2000 Unigraphics purchased SDRC I-DEAS and began an effort to integrate aspects of each software packages right into a unmarried product when became Unigraphics NX or usually simply NX, is a complicated high-cease CAD/CAM/CAE, on the grounds that 2007 owned via by Siemens PLM software program.

Ctrl+N – New
Ctrl+O – Open
Ctrl+S – Save
Ctrl+Shift+A – Save As
Ctrl+P – Plot
Ctrl+G – Execute Grip
Ctrl+Shift+G – Execute Debug Grip
Ctrl+U – Execute NX Open
Ctrl+Z – Undo List
Ctrl+Y – Redo
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+V – Paste
Ctrl+D – Delete
Shift+F – Feature on Top Priority
Shift+G – Face on Top Priority
Shift+B – Body on Top Priority
Shift+E – Edge on Top Priority
Shift+C – Component on Top Priority
Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+J – Object Display
Ctrl+W – Show/Hide
Ctrl+Shift+I – immediate Hide
Ctrl+B – Hide
Ctrl+Shift+K – Show
Ctrl+Shift+U – Show All
Ctrl+Shift+B – Invert Shown and Hidden
Ctrl+T – Move Object
Ctrl+F – Fit
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Zoom
Ctrl+R – Rotate
Ctrl+H – Edit Section
Ctrl+Shift+W – Ray Traced Studio
Ctrl+Shift+H – High Quality Image
Ctrl+Shift+N – New Layout
Ctrl+Shift+O – Open Layout
Ctrl+Shift+F – Fit All Views Layout
Ctrl+Shift+S – Information Window
F3 – Current Dialog Box
Shift+F1 – Move Clip Left
Alt+Enter – Full Screen
F11 – Maximize Resource Bar Tab
Ctrl+F8 – Reset Orientation
Ctrl+L – Layer Settings
W – WCS Display
Ctrl+Q – Finish Sketch
X – Extrude
Shift+F8 – Normal view to Sketch
Drag+Shift – Move in Orthographic Direction
Drag+Ctrl – Copy in another Position
Drag+Shift+Ctrl – Copy Along Orthographic Direction
Ctrl+E – Expressions
Alt+F8 – Play Journal
Alt+F11 – Edit Journal
Ctrl+Shift+R – Macro-Start Record
Ctrl+Shift+P – Macro-Playback
Alt+F5 – Record Movie
Alt+F6 – Pause Movie
Alt+F7 – Stop Movie
Ctrl+1 – Customize
Ctrl+I – Object
Ctrl+Shift+C – Refresh curvature Graphs
Ctrl+2 – User Interface
Ctrl+Shift+V – Visualization
Ctrl+Shift+T – Selection
Ctrl+Shift+J – Object
Ctrl+M – Modelling
Ctrl+Alt+S – Shape Studio
Ctrl+Shift+D – Drafting
Ctrl+Alt+M – Manufaturing
Ctrl+Alt+I – Inspection
Ctrl+Shift+M – Sheet Metal
Ctrl+Alt+P – Flexible Printed Circuit Design
F1 – Context Help

Siemens NX Shortcut Keys PDF

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