Sierra Chart Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Sierra Chart Shortcut Keys

Sierra Chart Shortcut Keys

Sierra Chart is a proprietary laptop application used for trading, charting and technical evaluation of financial markets.

Ctrl+H – New/Open Historical Chart
Ctrl+I – New/Open Intradat Chart
Ctrl+B – Open ChartBook
Ctrl+A – Save All
Ctrl+F11 – Disconnect
Ctrl+S – Save
F11 – Connect to Data Feed
Ctrl+R – Reload All Charts
Alt+Shift+C – Copy Chart Value
F5 – Chart settings
Ctrl+G – Use Evening/Full Session
Alt+Shift+V – Vertical Grid
Insert – Reload and Recalculate
Ctrl+Insert – Recalculate
Ctrl+Alt+D – Detach/Attach Chart Window
Alt+Shift+R – Reset Scales
Ctrl+Alt+G – Go to Date Time
Ctrl+End – Scroll All Charts to End
F6 – Studies
Alt+1 – Pinter
Alt+0 – Adjust Regions
Alt+3 – Chart Values/Crosshair
Alt+H – Hand
Alt+Z – Zoom In
Alt+4 – Line
Alt+6 – Ray
Alt+9 – Parallel Lines
Alt+8 – Horizontal Lines
Alt+7 – Price Retracement
Ctrl+Shift+9 – Parallel Rays
Ctrl+Shift+H – Horizontal Rays
Ctrl+Alt+P – Price Projection
Ctrl+Shift+F – Fibonacci Fan
Ctrl+Alt+Y – Cycle
Ctrl+Alt+1 – Time Expansion
Ctrl+Alt+2 – Zig Zag
Ctrl+Alt+3 – Gann Grid
Ctrl+6 – Ptchfork
Alt+Shift+6 – Pitchfork-Schiff Median
Ctrl+Alt+4 – Rectangle
Alt+Shift+5 – Pitchfork-Modified Schiff
Ctrl+Alt+T – Extending Rectangle
Ctrl+Alt+5 – Ellipse
Ctrl+Alt+7 – Tool Settings
Alt+M – Move Drawing
Ctrl+5 – Adjust Drawing
Ctrl+L – Copy and Move Drawing
Alt+Shift+1 – Copy and Adjust Drawing
Alt+5 – Erase Drawing Mode
Alt+Shift+T – Erase All Text
Alt+Shift+L – Erase All Non-Text Drawing
Ctrl+Alt+M – Manage Chart Drawing Window
Ctrl+3 – Global Cursor On
Ctrl+Shift+S – Synchronize Chart
F2 – Edit Formula
Ctrl+1 – Fix Column
Ctrl+Alt+I – Open Intraday Chart
Ctrl+Alt=H – Open Historincal Chart
Ctrl+PgUp – Prior Sheet
Ctrl+PgDn – Next Sheet
Ctrl+Alt+D – Detach/Attach SpreadSheet
Ctrl+Shift+T – Open Trade Window for Chart
Ctrl+Shift+C – Chart Trade Mode On
Ctrl+Shift+D – Trading Chart DOM On
Ctrl+Shift+O – Show Order Fills
Ctrl+Shift+P – Trade Orders and Positions
Ctrl+Shift+A – Trade Activity Log
Ctrl+Shift+L – Trade Service Log
Ctrl+Shift+G – General Trade Settings
Ctrl+Alt+X – Maximize
Ctrl+Alt+R – Restore
Ctrl+W – Windows and Chartbooks
Ctrl+M – Message Log
Ctrl+Alt+A – Alert Manager
Alt+Q – Current Quote Window
F3 – Chart Values Window
Alt+V – Tool Values Window

Sierra Chart Shortcut Keys PDF

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