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Silhouette Studio Shortcut Keys pdf download

Silhouette Studio Shortcut Keys

A silhouette is the image of someone, animal, object, or scene represented as a stable shape of a single coloration, commonly black, with its edges matching the definition of the subject.

The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the complete is usually provided on a mild history, typically white, or none in any respect.

The silhouette differs from an outline, which depicts the brink of an item in a linear form, while a silhouette seems as a solid shape.

Silhouette images may be created in any visual inventive media, but had been first used to describe portions of cut paper, which have been then stuck to a backing in a contrasting shade, and often framed.

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silhouette studio shortcut keys pdf

Most Viewed Silhouette Studio Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 

Action Silhouette Studio Shortcuts Windows OS
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Pan Spacebar
Fit to window Ctrl + 1
Drag zoom Z
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Save to library Ctrl + Alt + R
Close document Ctrl + W
Quit Ctrl + Q
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A
Spelling F7
Preferences Ctrl + K

View Shortcuts

Action Silhouette View shortcuts Windows
Grid G
Grid settings Ctrl + F4
Page settings Ctrl + F1
Print border Ctrl + Shift + P
Cut border Ctrl + Shift + I

Object Shortcuts

Action Silhouette Object shortcuts Windows
Group Ctrl + G
Ungroup Ctrl + Shift + G
Make Compound path Ctrl + E
Release Compound path Ctrl + Shift + E

Tools Shortcuts

Action Silhouette Tool shortcut keys Windows
Select V
Edit points A
Line \
Rectangle R
Rounded rectangle Shift + R
Ellipse E
Polygon P
Curve C
Freehand F
Smooth freehand Shift + F
Arc Shift + A
Regular polygon Shift + P
Text T
Eraser Shift + E
Knife K
Eyedropper I
Show drawing area Ctrl + Alt + D
Show library Ctrl + Alt + L
Show online store Ctrl + Alt + S

Arrange Shortcuts

Action Silhouette Arrange shortcut keys Windows
Bring to front Ctrl + Shift + ]
Bring forward Ctrl + ]
Send to back Ctrl + Shift + [
Send backward Ctrl + [

Replicate Shortcuts

Action Silhouette Replicate shortcut keys Windows
Duplicate left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Duplicate Right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Duplicate above Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Duplicate below Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Mirror left Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Mirror right Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Mirror above Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Mirror below Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Rotate 1 copy Ctrl + Shift + F1
Rotate 2 copies Ctrl + Shift + F2
Rotate 3 copies Ctrl + Shift + F3
Rotate 4 copies Ctrl + Shift + F4
Rotate 5 copies Ctrl + Shift + F5

Other Shortcuts

Action Silhouette Other shortcut keys Windows
Send to silhouette Ctrl + I
Cut settings window Ctrl + F2
Registration marks window Ctrl + F3
Registration marks M
Rulers Ctrl + R
Crosshairs Ctrl + =
Weld Ctrl + Shift + W

Don’t spend much time learning all the Silhouette Studio Shortcut Keys today. You can download the pdf of the Silhouette shortcuts cheat sheet or Hot Keys when you work with the software.

Few shortcuts are the basic ones that you might be knowing and a few more you can add to your list by learning at least one shortcut every time you use the software.

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Silhouette Studio Shortcut Keys pdf download

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Silhouette Studio Shortcut Keys pdf download

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