Slack Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Slack Shortcut Keys

Slack Shortcut Keys

Slack is a cloud-based totally set of proprietary team collaboration gear and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack commenced as an internal device utilized by their corporation, Tiny Speck, within the development of Glitch, a now defunct online game. The call is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All communique and understanding”.

Ctrl++/Ctrl+- – Zoom in/Zoom out
Home/PgUp – Scroll Up
End/PgDn – Scroll Down
Ctrl+K – Quick Switcher
Ctrl+, – Preferences
Alt+Left Arrow – Previous Channel Visited
Alt+Right Arrow – Next Channel Visited
Alt+Shift+Up Arrow – Previous Unread Channel
Alt+Shift+Down Arrow – Next Unread Channel
Alt+Up Arrow – Previous Channel
Alt+Down Arrow – Next Channel
Ctrl+. – Open or Close Right Pane
Ctrl+Shift+K – Direct Message Menu
Ctrl+Shift+T – Open All Threads view
Ctrl+Shift+F – Toggle Full Screen View
Ctrl+F – Search the current Channel/Conversation
Ctrl+Shift+S – Starred Item
Ctrl+Shift+E – Directory
Ctrl+Shift+M – Activity
Ctrl+/ – Open list of Keyboard shortcuts
R – Toggle Current Channel read/Unread
Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Move between Channels
Ctrl+Shift+A – Open all Unread View
Alt+Click Msg – Mark Msg as Unread
Ctrl+Shift+] – Switch to Next Team
Ctrl+Shift+[ – Switch to Previous Team
Ctrl+1..9 – Switch to A Specific team
Esc – Mark All Messages in Current Channel
Shift+Esc – Mark All Messages As Read
Alt+Click Msg – Set Msg to Oldest Unread Message
Tab – Reprint your last slash command in a channel
Shift+Up Arrow – Select Text to Beginning of Current Line
Shift+Down Arrow – Select Text to End of Current Line
Ctrl+Shift+\ – Add Emoji Reactions to A Message
Shift+Enter – Create a new line in your message
@char+Tab – Autocomplete Username
#char+Tab – Autocomplete Channel
:char+Tab – Autocomplete Emoji
Ctrl+U – Upload a File
Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Create a new snippet
M – Mute On/Off
V – Video On/Off
A – Show Invite List
S – View Channel sharing Options
E+1..9 – View and Select Emoji Reactions

Slack Shortcut Keys PDF

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