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Create Slide to Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 7,8,10,11

Microsoft Windows has hidden shortcut to shut down your PC quickly.

Still, also this trick is going veritably useful for you, If you’re looking for a smart and interactive way to Shut down your PC. rather than that traditional long process of shutting down the PC, the ‘ Slide to Shut down ’ feature allows you to shut down your Windows 7,8,10, and Windows 11 PC by sliding, or dragging the window down. Let’s understand how we can create a ‘ Slide to Shut down ’ shortcut.

How to Install or Setup Slide to Shut Down Your PC shortcut:

Step 1: Right-click on an empty space on the desktop, select ‘New’ and click the ‘Shortcut’.  

Slide to shut down your pc

Step 2: Enter the term “SlideToShutDown.exe” in the location input box.

This term is case-sensitive. Make sure every first alphabet should be capital.


Step 3: Click on Next Button.


Step 4: Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select ‘Properties’.


Step 5: Click on the Change icon button and Hit Okay to access permission.


Step 6: Choose the Shutdown icon from the list and Click Ok.


Now the Setup for this shortcut is completed, and the shortcut is created on your desktop. When you double-click on this icon, it will launch Slide to Shut down your PC, then you can click and drag the window down, or also you can press Enter key to shut down your PC.

Also, you can right-click on the shortcut and “Pin to the taskbar” for faster access to the Shutdown experience.

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Create Slide to Shut Down Shortcut in Windows 7,8,10,11

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