Smite Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Smite Shortcut Keys

Smite Shortcut Keys

Smite is a unfastened-to-play, third-person multiplayer on line conflict area (MOBA) online game evolved and published by means of hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft home windows, macOS, ps 4 and Xbox One. In Smite, gamers control a god, goddess, or different mythological determine and take part in group based fight, the usage of abilties and tactics against different participant-managed gods and non-participant-managed minions. the sport has multiple player versus player modes, many playable characters, and has a a success esports scene with multiple tournaments, which includes the annual Smite global Championship which has a US$1 million dollar prize pool.

W/Up Arrow – Move Forward
S/Down Arrow – Move Backward
A – Strafe Left
D – Strafe Right
Left Arrow – Turn Left
Right Arrow – Turn Right
Mouse Scroll Up – Zoom In
Mouse Scroll Down – Zoom Out
NumLock – Toggle Auto Run
SpaceBar – Jump
LMB – Fire
RMB – Cancel Fire
1 – Ability 1
2 – Ability 2
3 – Ability 3
4 – Ability 4 (Ultimate)
F1 – Train Ability 1
F2 – Train Ability 2
F3 – Train Ability 3
F4 – Train Ability 4 (Ultimate)
F – Relic 1
G – Relic 2
B – Recall
C – Consumable 1
Z – Consumable 2
Alt – Free Mouse
M – Toggle Map Overlay
Tab – Scoreboard
K – Skill Screen
I – Item Store
T – Top Player Stats
Y – Death Recap
H – Suppress Help
F6 – Vote to Surrender
F7 – Vote to Not Surrender
F10 – Pause
Page Up – Toggle Combat Log

Smite Shortcut Keys PDF

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