Sonar 2015 Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Sonar 2015 Shortcut Keys

Sonar 2015 Shortcut Keys

Sónar is a 3-day electronic and advanced track festival. It changed into founded in Barcelona in 1994 with the aid of Ricard Robles, Enric Palau, and Sergi Caballero. The pageant has been divided into two components considering the fact that its inception: Sónar via Day and Sónar by means of night, with Sónar+D, a 3-day congress devoted to Creativity, generation and commercial enterprise walking concurrently due to the fact 2013. The 2017 Barcelona edition attracted 123,000 attendees from 101 nations.

Alt+1 – Show Track view
Insert – Insert new track
Shift+B – Show/hide Bus pane
V – Show/hide Video Thumbnail pane
Alt+N – Show/hide Navigator pane
X – Show/hide Aim Assist line
F – Resize all tracks vertically to fit in window
Shift+F – Resize and zoom tracks to see entire project
Ctrl+Alt+H – Show and fit selection
Ctrl+F – Fit content
H – Manage track visibility
Ctrl+Shift+H – Show only selected tracks
Ctrl+H – Hide selected tracks
Shift+H – Show all tracks
Alt+Shift+H – Open/Close current Track Folder
Shift+T – Expand/Collapse Take lanes for current track
Shift+A – Expand/Collapse Automation lanes for current track
Shift+PLUS (+) – Insert new Automation lane in current track
Shift+Arrow Up – Put focus in Track pane
Shift+Arrow Down – Put focus in Bus pane
Alt+S – Solo/unsolo current track
“COMMA ()” – Select current track
SEMICOLON (;) – Open Patch Browser for current MIDI track
Ctrl+F4 – Close project
PLUS (+/=) – Toggle current track’s Edit Filter between Track Volume and last/previous data type
Ctrl+Alt+X – Cut Special
Ctrl+Alt+C – Copy Special
“SHIFT+COMMA ()” – Select and audition previous Take lane
Shift+PERIOD (.) – Select and audition next Take lane
Tab – Go to next audio transient or MIDI note in selected tracks (or current track if there is no selection)
Shift+Tab – Go to previous audio transient or MIDI note in selected tracks (or current track if there is no selection)
Shift+Z – Enable/disable Auto Zoom
Ctrl+Arrow Right – Zoom in horizontally
Ctrl+Arrow Left – Zoom out horizontally
Ctrl+Arrow Down – Zoom all tracks in vertically
Ctrl+Arrow Up – Zoom all tracks out vertically
Alt+Arrow Down – Zoom out on all audio waveforms
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up – Zoom in on current track’s audio waveforms
Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down – Zoom out on current track’s audio waveforms
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down – Zoom current track in vertically
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up – Zoom current track out vertically
Alt+Arrow Up – Zoom in on all audio waveforms and MIDI notes
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down – Increase current track height
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up – Decrease current track height
Alt+UP/Arrow Down – Scale audio waveform in all audio tracks and MIDI notes in all MIDI tracks
Ctrl+Alt+UP/Arrow Down – Scale audio waveform in current audio track or scale MIDI notes in current MIDI track

R – Record
Shift+R – Step Record on/off
Space – Play/Stop
Ctrl+Space – Stop with Now marker
Ctrl+W – “Toggle ‘On stop, rewind to Now marker’ on/off”
Shift+Space – Audition selection
G – Go to time
Shift+G – Go to selection start (From time)
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down – Go to next marker
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up – Go to previous marker
F3 – Record metronome on/off
Ctrl+F3 – Playback metronome on/off
Shift+F3 – Open Metronome settings
L – Loop on/off
Shift+M – Set Measure/Beat at Now time

R – Record
Shift+R – Step Record on/off
Ctrl+R – Arm all tracks for recording
Alt+R – Toggle Track Arm for selected track
F3 – Record metronome on/off

Sonar 2015 Shortcut Keys PDF

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