Source Insight Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Source Insight Shortcut Keys

Source Insight Shortcut Keys

supply insight is a supply code editor by supply Dynamics. source perception affords syntax highlighting, code navigation and customizable keyboard shortcuts. It payments itself now not just as an editor but a device to apprehend a massive supply code base, and because of this is called “application editor and analyzer.” it’s miles agile and light-weight imparting useful capabilities which includes relation, context, and image home windows. It also can show reference timber, class inheritance diagrams, and contact trees, because it builds an internal database of symbolic data because it self-parses the supply. Its greatest benefit is to speedup code comprehension on an unusual task.

Arrow Down – Cursor Down
Arrow Up – Cursor Up
Arrow Left – Cursor Left
Arrow Right – Cursor Right
Home – Beginning of Line
End – End of Line
Ctrl+Home – Top of File
Ctrl+End – Bottom of File
Ctrl+Alt+[ – Beginning of Selection
Ctrl+Alt+] – End of Selection
Ctrl+Arrow Left – Word Left
Ctrl+Arrow Right – Word Right
Keypad + – Function Down
Keypad – – Function Up
Ctrl+9 – Paren Left
Ctrl+0 – Paren Right
Ctrl+Shift+{ – Block Up
Ctrl+Shift+} – Block Down
F5 – Go To Line
Ctrl+F – Search
F4 – Search Forward
F3 – Search Backward
Shift+F4 – Search Forward for Selection
Ctrl+Shift+M – Selection History

Source Insight Shortcut Keys PDF

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