Target 3001! Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Target 3001! Shortcut Keys

Target 3001! Shortcut Keys

target 3001! is a CAD computer software for EDA and PCB design, evolved by means of Ing.-Büro Friedrich in Germany. It supports the layout of digital schematics, PCBs, and tool front panels. It runs under home windows and is to be had in English, German and French.
A unique branch of this system is the ASIC fashion designer, which lets in design of incorporated circuits.

Ctrl+N – New Project
Ctrl+O – Open Project
Ctrl+S – Save Project
Ctrl+P – Print Project
Ctrl+F4 – Exit Target 3001!
F1 – Help
Shift+F1 – Check Project
F2 – Library Browser
F3 – Schematic<->PCB(With Cross Probe)
Shift+F3 – Schematic<->PCB(Without Cross Probe)
F4 – Switch Units(mm,Microm,Lnch and Mil)
F5 – Switch Grid Visible/Invisible
Shift+F5 – Open the gris Dialog
F6 – Snap on grid/No Snap on Grid
F7 – Zoom Image Full Size
F8 – Switch Cursor(Crosshair)
F9 – Start Autorouter/Simulator
F10 – Menu Mode
F11 – XGerber and Excellon output
F12 – Compute Airwires New(layout)
Ctrl+F12 – Open Reorganisation Dialog
1 – Place Pin/Solder Pad
2 – place Signals/Traces
Ctrl+2 – Draw Lines
B – Place Bus/Wire-Bridge
. – Place Junction/Node/Via
3 – Draw a Filled Triangle
Ctrl+3 – Draw an Open Triangle
4 – Draw a Filled Rectangle
Ctrl+4 – Draw an Open Rectangle
5 – Draw a Filled Polygon
0 – Draw a Filled Circle
Ctrl+0 – Draw an Open Circle
A – Draw an Arc/Torus
Ctrl+W – Draw Air Wire in PCB-Without-Schematic
– Enter Text
O – Edit Options in the Respective Mode
Esc – Exit Mode
Ctrl+Z/Backspace – Undo
Ctrl+Y/Alt+Backspace – Redo
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+Delete – Cut
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Insert – Copy
Ctrl+V/Shift+Insert – Paste/Insert
S – Select Single Element
Shift+S – Select Additional Element
C – Capture Window
Shift+C – Additional Capture Window
Delete – Delete Selected Element
E/@ – Edit Selected Element
F – Find and Select Component/Single
T – Turn Selected Elements Around the Cursor
Shift+T – Set Turn Angle and Rotate
M – Mirror Selected Elements Horizontally
Shift+M – Mirror Selected Elements Vertically
D – Displace Selected Elements
G – Drag(Sharp Bend,Arc or Curve)
U – Measure Distances
V – Rename Signals
# – Quick Draw(Display Only Contour of any Drawn Element
Arrow Left – Move Cursor Step-by-Step to the Left*
Arrow Right – Move Cursor Step-by-Step to the Right*
Arrow Up – Move Cursor Step-by-step Upwards*
Arrow Down – Move Cursor Step-by-Step Downwards*
Page Down – Zoom In
Page Up – Zoom Out
P – Move this Points to the Center(panorama,Pan)
I – Insert Symbols/Package,Insert
Ctrl+R – Insert Remaining Symbols of Components(Rests)
R – Insert Reference Symbol to the Schematic
Y – Concat Selected Elements in the Schematic as a Symbol
X – Export Symbols/Packages as a Component to a Library
F9/R – Start Autorouter(in PCB Mode)
Q – Next Schematic Page
Shift+Q – Previous Schematic Page
Ctrl+L – Edit PCB Layers
Ctrl+K – Edit Colors
% – Edit Scaling Factor
N – Repaint Window(New)
W – Attach Wire Properties

Target 3001! Shortcut Keys PDF

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