Tencent QQ Player Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Tencent QQ Player Shortcut Keys

Tencent QQ Player Shortcut Keys

Tencent QQ, also known as QQ, is an on the spot messaging software provider evolved via the chinese language employer Tencent Holdings confined. QQ additionally gives offerings that offer on line social games, music, buying, microblogging, films, and group and voice chat software program. The brand of the software is a small penguin sporting a purple headscarf.

Ctrl+O – Open File
Enter – Switch Full Screen Mode
Spacebar/Left Click – Play/Pause
Previous – On a file
Left Arrow – Fast Forward
Down Arrow – Volume Down
Up Arrow – Volume Up
M – Mute
Ctrl+A – Screenshot
F4 – Control Panel
Mouse Operation – Function
Ctrl+F – Open the Folder
Shift+Enter – Fans you switch
T – Always on Top
Next – Next file
Right Arrow – Rewind
Ctrl+C – Close the file
F3 – Playlist
F5 – Parameter settings
Double Click – Toggle fullscreen
Alt+O – Load Subtitle to Add A Subtitle File
Shift+[ – Subtitle Forward by 0.5 Seconds
Shift+] – Subtitle Rewind by 0.5 Seconds
Ctrl+Right Arrow – 30 Second Forward
Ctrl+Left Arrow – 30 second Backward
Alt+S – Save Thumbnail
F – Move to Next Frame
Ctrl+U – Open URL
Alt+F4 – Exit and Quit
Esc – Pause and Minimize

Tencent QQ Player Shortcut Keys PDF

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