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thunderbird shortcut keys pdf

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys

Mozilla Thunderbird is a loose, open-source, and move-platform email, information, RSS, and chat client advanced by Mozilla basis. The venture approach became modeled after that of the Mozilla Firefox net browser.
On December 7, 2004, model 1. zero was released and received more than 500,000 downloads in its first 3 days of release, and a million in 10 days.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+T Create New Item
Ctrl+F Create New Folder
Ctrl+D New Dataset
Ctrl+M New Form
Ctrl+P New Workflow Process
Ctrl+E CAE Item
Ctrl+B BOM View
Ctrl+H Other
Ctrl+O Open Operation
Ctrl+Shift+F Toggle Precise Imprecise
Ctrl+S Save BOM Window
Ctrl+R Remove BOMLine
Alt+Enter View Properties
Alt+F4 Exit Teamcenter
Ctrl+F8/Ctrl+Shift+F8 Switch between Open Perspective
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+V Paste

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys for macOs

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys download pdf

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Thunderbird Shortcut Keys Download PDF

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