Titanium Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Titanium shortcut keys

Titanium Shortcut Keys

The Titanium Platform allows you to create, run, and package local cellular packages for iOS and Android gadgets the use of our go-platform JavaScript APIs. cell packages constructed with the Titanium SDK are run in opposition to a standalone JavaScript engine which invokes local APIs. As a developer, you are in fact writing a local application–it is simply which you’re the use of cross-platform JavaScript rather than non-transportable Java or goal-C.

Ctrl+3 – Quick Access
Ctrl+Alt+Q – Open View
Ctrl+F7 – Switch View
Ctrl+Shift+F7 – Switch View Reverse
Ctrl+F8 – Switch Perspective
Ctrl+Ctrl+G – GIT Ctrls
Ctrl+F12 – Focus Editor
Ctrl+E – Switch File in Current Editor
Ctrl+Shift+E – Switch File Dialog in All Editors
Ctrl+F6 – Switch File in All Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Switch File in All Editor in Reverse Mode

Alt+Left Arrow – Delete Previous Word
Ctrl+D – Delete Lines
Ctrl+Shift+X – To Upper Case
Ctrl+Shift+Y – To Lower Case
Ctrl+. – Word Completion
Ctrl+Spacebar – Content Assist
Ctrl+Shift+F – Format Code
Fn+Alt+Left Arrow – Delete Next Word
Fn+Left Arrow – Delete Next Character
Ctrl+Fn+Shift+Backspace – Delete Rest of Line
Alt+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – Move Lines Up/Down

Ctrl+Alt+A – Toggle Block/Normal Selection
Ctrl+[/] – Forward/Backward History
Ctrl+L – To Given Line
Alt+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – Previous/Next Word
Ctrl+Left Arrow/Right Arrow – To Line Start/End
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Down Arrow – To File Start/End
Ctrl+Shift+P – To Matching Bracket
Ctrl+Q – Last Edit Location

Ctrl+F – Find
Alt+Enter – Enter NewLine
Alt – Show Alts
Ctrl+K – Find Next
Ctrl+Shift+K – Find Previous
Esc – Hide Find
Ctrl+H – Show Find Dialog
Ctrl+Alt+0 – Toggle Mark Occurances of Term Where Cursor is At

Ctrl+F11 – Debug
Ctrl+Shift+F11 – Run
Ctrl+R – Run to Line
F5 – Step Into
F6 – Step Over
F7 – Step Return
F8 – Resume

Ctrl+Shift+M – New Model Dialog
Ctrl+Shift+I – New Migration Dialog
Ctrl+Shift+Y – New Widget Dialog
Ctrl+Shift+C – New Controller Dialog

Ctrl+Shift – Save All
F2 – Resume
F5 – Refresh

Titanium Shortcut Keys PDF

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