ViaCAD Shortcut Keys Download PDF

ViaCAD Shortcut Keys

ViaCAD Shortcut Keys

PunchCAD is a line of commercial and business computer-aided layout (CAD) software program. dispensed by using Encore software and designed by means of Evosoft, PunchCAD products are mainly used for layout and drafting in each the 2nd and 3-d area. PunchCAD’s maximum currently launched versions are designed to work on each pc and Mac computers.

A – Right Side View
S – Front View
D – Top View
F – Isometric View
G – Trimetric View
W – Zoom to User Specified Area
E – Zoom to Object Extents
Shift+H – Horizontal Construction Line at Curscor
Shift+V – Vertical Construction Line at Cursor

ViaCAD Shortcut Keys PDF

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