VideoPad Video Editor Shortcut Keys Download PDF

VideoPad Video Editor Shortcut Keys

VideoPad Video Editor Shortcut Keys

VideoPad Video Editor (or certainly VideoPad) is a video editing software evolved by way of NCH software program for the house and expert market. The software program is complemented by way of the VirtualDub plug-ins that work with the software

Ctrl+N – New project
Ctrl+O – Open project
Ctrl+S – Save project
Ctrl+Shift+S – Save project as
Ctrl+B – Export video
Ctrl+U – Preview project
Ctrl+E – Add file
Ctrl+Shift+E – Add 3D file
Ctrl+R – Capture video
Ctrl+Shift+R – Record audio

Ctrl+Z – Undo
Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo
Ctrl+X – Cut clip
Ctrl+C – Copy clip
Ctrl+V – Paste clip
Ctrl+Alt+V – Paste Clip in Sequence (overwrite)
Ctrl+Shift+V – Paste Clip in Sequence (overlay)
Ctrl+Alt+Delete – Delete clip
Ctrl+Delete – Ripple delete clip
Ctrl+A – Select all
Ctrl+F – Find clip

Ctrl+, – Preferences
Ctrl+H – Hide videopad
Ctrl+Alt+H – Hide others
Ctrl+Q – Quit videopad

Ctrl+E – Add file
Ctrl+T – Add text clip
Ctrl+K – Add blank clip
Ctrl+Shift+P – Place Selected Clip on Sequence
Ctrl+R – Capture video
Ctrl+Shift+R – Record audio
Ctrl+I – Properties
F2 – Rename

Shift+Space – Play / Pause Clip
Ctrl+] – Next Frame in Clip
Ctrl+[ – Previous Frame in Clip
Ctrl+Alt+[ – Go to Start of Clip
Ctrl+Alt+] – Go to End of Clip
Ctrl+Shift+F5 – Take Clip Preview Snapshot
Ctrl++ – Zoom Clip In
Ctrl+- – Zoom Clip out
Ctrl+0 – Show entire clip
Ctrl+< – Set start time to current timeline position
Ctrl+> – Set end time to current timeline position

Ctrl+Up – Move track up
Ctrl+Down – Move track down

Alt+H – Split selected clip
Alt+L – Split all tracks
Alt+J – Split all video tracks
Alt+K – Split All audio tracks
Ctrl+B – Save, share or burn video

Space – Play / Pause Sequence
Ctrl+Right arrow – Next Frame
Ctrl+Left arrow – Previous Frame
Ctrl+Alt+Left arrow – Go to Start
Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow – Go to End
Ctrl+Shift+F6 – Take Sequence Preview Snapshot
Ctrl+G – Go to Timeline Position
+ – Zoom Timeline In
– Zoom Timeline out
0 – Show Entire Region
Ctrl+Shift+B – Set Bookmark at Cursor
Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow – Go to Previous Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow – Go to Next Bookmark

Alt+V – Current Video Effect Properties
Alt+A – Current Audio Effect Properties

Ctrl+Shift+L – Subtitle
Ctrl+Tab – Select next bin
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Select previous bin

Ctrl+M – Minimize
Ctrl+Alt+M – Minimize all

Ctrl+? – Help contents

Ctrl+A – Select All Keyframes
Delete – Clear Selection
Alt++ – Delete Selected Keyframe
Alt+- – Zoom Timeline In
Alt+0 – Zoom Timeline out

Home – Go to start
End – Go to end
Ctrl+Left arrow – Step backward
Ctrl+Right arrow – Step Forwards
Shift+= – Zoom timeline in
– Zoom timeline out

Ctrl+A – Select all subtitle
Space – Play/Pause

VideoPad Video Editor Shortcut Keys PDF

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