VistaSwitcher Shortcut Keys Download PDF

VistaSwitcher shortcut keys

VistaSwitcher Shortcut Keys

VistaSwitcher is an fashionable and powerful mission control software for home windows OS. once mounted, it replaces the default home windows Alt-Tab dialog with a pleasant box that shows a list of all strolling duties, with their names and preview snapshots, and enables the person to take moves on them using the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. With simply one click on, you may switch responsibilities, reduce, maximize, restore the main window, or close the process.

Alt+Tab – Switch between open windows (temporarily shows the window list; same behavior as standard Windows task switcher)
Alt+` – Switch between open windows of the same application
Ctrl+Alt+Tab – Switch between open windows on the current monitor (for multiple monitor setups)
Windows+F12 – Show the list of all open windows (same as alt+tab, but doesn’t dissapear when key is released)
Windows+F11 – Show the list of all open windows of the current application (same as alt+’, but doesn’t dissapear when key is released)

arrow keys orpageup/pagedown orhome/End – Select a window from the list
` – Navigate to the next window of the current application
1, 2 ….9 – Select window number 1, 2….9
Shift+Arrow Keys – Select multiple windows
S or Insert – Select the current window and move to the next
D or Backspace – Deselect the current window and move to the next
a – Select/Deselect all
Delete – Remove the selected window from the list (temporary – does not actually close the window).

space or enter – Switch to the selected window
f2 or m – Minimize the selected window
c – cascade the selected windows
v – Tile selected windows vertically
h – Tile selected windows horizontally
f6 or < – Restore the selected windows
f7 or > – Maximize the selected windows
f4 or x – Close the selected windows
f8 or t – Terminate the selected tasks (kills the application and closes all windows – very powerful)
f9 or – – Sort the window list by title
f10 or + – Sort the window list by application

p – Open the preferences menu
e – Explore the .exe path of the selected window’s application

VistaSwitcher Shortcut Keys PDF

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