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VLC Player

VLC Player media participant (usually called VLC) is a unfastened and open-supply, transportable and pass-platform media participant and streaming media server written through the VideoLAN task. VLC is available for desktop working structures and mobile platforms, inclusive of windows 10 cellular, home windows phone, Android, Tizen, iPad, iPhone, and iPod contact. VLC Player is likewise to be had on App shops such as Apple App shop, Google Play store and Microsoft windows windows save.

VLC Player Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information
F Fullscreen
Esc Exit full screen mode
Space Pause or play movie
V Subtitles on/ off
B Select audio track
Ctrl + Top Arrow Volume up in 5% increments
Ctrl + Bottom Arro Volume down in 5% increments
Shift + Right Arrow Jump 3 seconds forward
Shift + Left Arrow Jump 3 seconds backward
Alt + Right Arrow Jump 10 seconds forward
Alt + Left Arrow Jump 10 seconds backward
Ctrl + Right Arrow Jump 1 minute forward
Ctrl + Left Arrow Jump 1 minute backward
Ctrl + D Open Disc menu
Ctrl + F Open Folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl + R Advanced open file
Ctrl + O Open single file(s)
M Mute and unmute audio
P Play movie (from the very beginning)
S Stop movie (not pause; this stops the movie completely)
[ Increase playback by 0.1x
] Decrease playback by 0.1x
= Adjust playback to normal (1.0x)
C Change screen Crop 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc.
A Change Aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4.:3, etc.
G Decrease subtitle delay
H Increase subtitle delay
Z Change zoom mode
Ctrl + 1 Play Recent media (in Media – Recent media menu)
T Show time
Ctrl + T Goto time
E Frame by Frame Mode; continue pressing E to advance one frame at a time.
Ctrl + H Hide Control
Ctrl + P Preferences/ interface settings
Ctrl + E Adjustments and audio/ video Effects
Ctrl + B Edit Bookmarks
Ctrl + M Open Messages
Ctrl + N Open Network
Ctrl + C Open Captue device
Ctrl + L Open PlayList; press again to return to movie.
Ctrl + Y Save playlist
Ctrl + I Media Information
D Toggle Deinterlace
N Play next movie from playlist
F1 Show help
F11 Window full-screen
Ctrl + W Quit VLC
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