vSphere Client Shortcut Keys Download PDF

vSphere Client Shortcut Keys

vSphere Client Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+Shift+F – Open Find Dialog Box
Ctrl+Shift+H – Switch to Host and Clucters
Ctrl+Shift+D – Switch to Datastore
Ctrl+Shift+N – Switch to Networking
Ctrl+Shift+V – Switches to VM and Templates
Ctrl+Shift+M – Maps
Ctrl+Shift+L – Lisensing
Ctrl+Shift+O – System Logs
Ctrl+Shift+P – Host Profiles
Ctrl+Shift+R – Roles
Ctrl+Shift+S – Sessions
Ctrl+Shift+T – Scheduled Tasks
Ctrl+Shift+U – Customization Specification Manager
Ctrl+Shift+I – Open vCenter Server Settings
Alt+Home – Go to Home
Ctrl+Tab – Cycle forward through Tabs
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Cycle backward through Tabs

Ctrl+Shift+Insert – Sends Ctrl+Alt+Delete
Ctrl+G – Transfer Mouse and Keyboard Input from Local Machine to Virtual MachineCtrl+Alt – Unlocks Mouse/Keyboard from VM Console Window, Also Exists Full Screen Mode
Ctrl+Alt+Enter – Full Screen VM
Ctrl+Shift+X – Exit VM Console

Ctrl+N – New VM
Ctrl+H – New Host
Ctrl+L – New Cluster
Ctrl+A – New vApp
Ctrl+F – New Folder
Ctrl+D – New Datastore
Ctrl+O – New Resource Tool

Ctrl+B – Power On VM
Ctrl+E – Power Off VM
Ctrl+T – Reset VM
Ctrl+Z – Suspend VM
Ctrl+P – Add Permission to VM
Ctrl+M – Add Alarm to VM
Ctrl+D – Shut Down Guest(VM Tools)
Ctrl+R – Restart Guest(VM Tools)

vSphere Client Shortcut Keys PDF

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