Web Application – Google Drive Shortcut Keys

Google Drive Shortcut Keys

Web Application – Google Drive Shortcut Keys

Google Drive Shortcut Keys for Web Application

g then n or g then fGo to navigation panel (the folders list)
g then lGo to items view
vToggle grid view and list view
g then dGo to details pane
g then tGo to top of application
g then aGo to download status
g then uGo to upload status
dShow or hide the details pane
iShow or hide the activity pane
xSelect or deselect item
j or downSelect next item down
k or upSelect next item up
h or leftSelect next item to the left
l or rightSelect next item to the right
shift+up/down/left/rightExpand selection up/down/left/right
ctrl+up/down/left/rightMove focus up/down/left/right without changing selection
shift+aSelect all visible items
shift+nSelect none (clear selection)
o or enterOpen selected item
nRename selected item
.Share selected item
zMove selected item to folder
shift+zAdd selected item to folder (Note: items can appear in more than one folder at once in Google Drive)
sStar or unstar selected item
#Remove selected item
ctrl+zUndo last action
ctrl+shift+zRedo last action
shift+tCreate new document
shift+pCreate new presentation
shift+sCreate new spreadsheet
shift+dCreate new drawing
shift+fCreate new folder
shift+oCreate new form
cOpen create menu
aOpen actions menu
fOpen folder menu
rOpen sort menu
tOpen settings menu
?Display keyboard shortcuts list
q then qCycle through visual density options (row height and element spacing)
mShow last message
/Search your Drive

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