Web Application – Google Reader Shortcut Keys

Google Reader Shortcut Keys

Web Application – Google Reader Shortcut Keys

Google Reader Shortcut Keys for Web Application

j/k or space/shift+space – Next/previous item
n/p – Select next/previous item in list view
o or enter – Expand/collapse item in list view
1 – Expand all items
2 – Collapse all items
=/- – Increase/decrease text size
s – Star item
l – Like item
t – Tag item
e – Email item
shift+s – Share/unshare item
shift+d – Share item with a note
v – View original
a – Add subscription
c – Comment
shift+c – View comments
m – Mark item read/unread
shift+a – Mark all items read
shift+n/p – Next/previous subscription or folder
shift+x – Expand folder
shift+o – Open selected subscription or folder
g then h – Go home
g then a – Go to all items
g then s – Go to starred items
g then shift+s – Go to shared items
g then u – Go to subscription selector (then use arrow keys)
g then t – Go to tag selector
g then shift+t – Go to trends page
g then d – Go to discovery
g then f – Go to friend selector
g then shift+f – Go to friends’ shared items
g then c – Go to comment view
g then e – Go to explore
g then p – Go to popular items
r – Refresh view
f – Full screen view
u – Hide/unhide the side pane
/ – Focus search box
? – Open list of keyboard shortcuts
escape – Cancel current item (sometimes needed to return focus to root window)

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