Web Application – Nirvana Shortcut Keys

Web Application – Nirvana Shortcut Keys

Nirvana Shortcut Keys for Web Application

I – Creates a new entry in Inbox (without moving left hand menu item)
A – Creates a new Action (in current list, saved to bottom of current list)
N – New item (in current Context) inserted at BOTTOM of list
Shift+N – New item (in current Context) at TOP of list
P – New Project (saved to bottom of Projects list)
L – New reference List
Enter – Save
Shift+E – Rapid Entry becomes visible (toggles on/off)
E – Rapid Entry (has focus if visible)
Shift+Enter – Save to top of current list
Enter – Save to bottom of current list
1 – 0, 0 – Inbox through Trash
Up / Down – Traverse Up / Down
Shift+0 – Filter all areas
Shift+9 – Unassigned
Shift+Arrow Left/Shift+Arrow Right – Previous / Next
Shift+E – Rapid Entry toggle
Tab/E – For Focus
Esc – Remove focus
Enter – Save at bottom of list
Shift+Enter – Save at top of list
C – Move completed tasks to Logbook
G – Manage Areas
K – Keyboard shortcuts
H – Help dialog
Esc – Cancel current action

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