Web Application – Todoist Shortcut Keys

Todoist Shortcut Keys

Web Application – Todoist Shortcut Keys

Todoist Shortcut Keys for Web Application

# – Pick a Project
@ – Add a label
+ – Add an assignee
1..4 – Set Priority Level
Ctrl+M – Add a new comment to newly created task
Ctrl+Click – Select and Change Multiple task at once
Q – Add new Task
a – Add new task at bottom in list
A – Add new task at Top of the list
//F – Open Search
U – Undo Last Action
Esc – Cancel current changes
Enter – Save a newly created task and create a new one below it
Shift+Enter – Save existing task and create new one below it
Ctrl+Enter – Save existing or new task and create new one below it
Shift+Click – Complete a subtask or recurring task and archieve it
Menu Key+Alt+Right Arrow – Increase task indent(Only Inside Projects)
Menu Key+Alt+Left Arrow – Decrease task indent(Only Inside Projects)
S – Sort by Date
P – Sort by Priority
R – Sort by Assignee
Shift+Command+A – Open new Quick Add
Shift+Command+T – Show/Hide Todoist
Ctrl+Alt+A – Open new Quick Add
Ctrl+Alt+T – Show/Hide Todoist
Ctrl+F – Open Searcj
Ctrl+N – Open task quick add
Ctrl+Enter – Submit Comment
Ctrl+Shift+N – Add a task to Top of list
Ctrl+Shift+L – Add a new Label
Ctrl+Shift+P – Add a new Project
Ctrl+Shift+F – Add a new Filter
Ctrl+S – Manually Sync
Ctrl+Shift+1 – Team inbox(Todoist business only)
Ctrl+1 – Inbox
Ctrl+2 – Today
Ctrl+3 – Next 7 Days
Ctrl+4 – Projects
Ctrl+5 – Labels
Ctrl+6 – Filters
Ctrl+, – Settings
Alt+Enter – Save and Go to Comment
Tab – Open full editor
M – Multiselect Mode
Ctrl+F – Open Search
F5 – Manually Sync
Home – Navigate to default Page
PgUp – Navigate back in 1-pane/2-pane View
PgDn – Navigate forward in 1-pane/2-pane View
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow – Increase task Indent
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow – Decrease task Indent

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