Webflow Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Webflow Shortcut Keys

Webflow Shortcut Keys

Webflow offers designers and builders the strength to layout, construct, and launch responsive websites visually, even as writing smooth, semantic code for you.

Shift+/ – Show shortcut cheatsheet
Shift+Ctrl+S – Save as Snapshot
Esc – Deselect/Abort
Delete – Delete Element
Shift+P – Show Publish Dialog
Shift+E – Show Export Code Dialog

Shift+Ctrl+P – Preview mode
Shift+Ctrl+G – Grid overlay
Shift+Ctrl+E – Show element edges
Shift+Ctrl+X – X-ray mode
Left-hand toolbar

A – Show Add panel
P – Show Pages panel
Shift+A – Show Symbols panel
Ctrl+Shift+A – Make selected element a Symbol
Right-hand tabs

S – Show Style tab
D – Show Settings tab
F – Show Navigator tab
G – Show Style Manager tab
H – Show Global Objects tab
J – Show Asset Manager

Ctrl+C – Copy
Ctrl+X – Cut
Ctrl+V – Paste
Hold Alt+Drag – Duplicate

Ctrl+Z – Undo
Shift+Ctrl+Z – Redo
Device views

1 – Desktop
2 – Tablet
3 – Phone (landscape)
4 – Phone (portrait)

Shift+Drag – Margin / padding (all sides)
Alt+ drag – Margin / padding (top + bottom or left + right)
Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Select parent / child element
Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select sibling element
Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Select next / previous element

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