Wikipedia Shortcut Keys Download PDF

Wikipedia Shortcut Keys

Wikipedia Shortcut Keys

Wikipedia is a loose encyclopedia, written collaboratively through the individuals who use it. it’s miles a unique sort of website designed to make collaboration smooth, called a wiki. Many people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making heaps of modifications in keeping with hour.

Site Navigation
Alt+Shift+F – Move cursor to search box
Alt+Shift+Q – Special pages
Alt+Shift+R – Recent changes
Alt+Shift+U – Upload file
Alt+Shift+X – Random article
Alt+Shift+Z – Main Page
Personal Tools
Alt+Shift+. – My user page
Alt+Shift+L – My watchlist
Alt+Shift+N – My talk
Alt+Shift+Y – My contributions
Current Page Tools
Alt+Shift+E – Edit this page / view source
Alt+Shift+V – Edit with VisualEditor (if available)
Alt+Shift+G – Open associated Wikidata item
Alt+Shift+H – View history
Alt+Shift+J – What links here
Alt+Shift+K – Related changes
Alt+Shift+M – Move page
Alt+Shift+P – Printable version
Alt+Shift+W – Watch / unwatch page
Alt+Shift+T – Switch to talk page
Talk Pages
Alt+Shift++ – Start a new discussion
Alt+Shift+C – Switch to content page
Editing Pages
Alt+Shift+, – Move cursor to edit box
Alt+Shift+B – Move cursor to edit summary
Alt+Shift+I – Toggle minor edit
Alt+Shift+P – Show preview
Alt+Shift+V – Show changes
Alt+Shift+S – Save page
Alt+Shift+W – Toggle “Watch this page”
Admin Shortcuts
Alt+Shift+D – Delete / undelete current page
Alt+Shift+= – Protect / unprotect current page

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