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Winamp Shortcut Keys

Winamp Shortcut Keys

X – Play song, make sure main window is active by pressing alt+w twice

V – Stop song

Ctrl+V – Stop song with fadeout

C – Pause and unpause song

B/Z – Jump to next or previous song

J – Jump to file

Shift+L – Open directory to play from

L – Open file, use tab, shift+tab and arrow keys to navigate

Ctrl+L – Open URL to play from

R – Toggle repeat (note changed icon)

S – Toggle shuffle (note changed icon)

Arrow Left/Arrow Right – Rewind or fast forward 5 seconds

Arrow Up/Arrow Down – Turn volume up or down

Ctrl+T – Show remaining time elapsed or left for current song

Ctrl+J – Jump to time in current song

Shift+V – Stop after song finished (would be nice if you could see that somewhere)

Alt+3 – Tag editor

J/ , on numeric keypad – Open jump-to-file Box

Alt+W – Toggle main wwindow

Alt+L – Show or hide media library window

Alt+V – Show or hide video window

Alt+X – Show or hide browser window

Alt+G – Show or hide graphic equalizer window

Alt+C – Show or hide skin setting menu

Ctrl+Shift+K – Show or hide Visualization window

Ctrl+Tab – Cycle through different windows (seems to be worthless), use alt+w twice to get to main player window, alt+l to get to media library etc.

Ctrl+W – Toggle winshade mode (minimize)

Ctrl+A – Toggle always on top

Ctrl+Alt+N – Open new winamp window / Create another instance of Winamp

Alt+F – Open file menu

Alt+P – Open play menu

Alt+O – Open options menu

Alt+I – Open view menu menu

Ctrl+P – Open preference menu, press esc to leave

Alt+S – Open Skin selection menu in preferences

Alt+K – Configure Current Visualization Plug-In

Ctrl+Shift+K – Start/Stop current Visualization Plug-In

Ctrl+K – Open Visualization Tab of Preferences

F1 – Open “about winamp” window

Ctrl+N – New (clear) playlist

Ctrl+O – Open (load) playlist

Ctrl+S – Save playlist

Alt+3 – View or edit track info

Ctrl+E – Edit selected track filename

Ctrl+A – Select all

Ctrl+I – Invert selection

Delete – Remove selected files from playlist

Ctrl+Delete – Crop playlist

Alt+Arrow Down/Alt+Arrow Up – Move selected files down / move selected files up

Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Move cursor down / move cursor up

Enter – Play Selected file

End/Home – Jump to end / jump to start of list

Alt+Delete – Remove dead (non-existent) files

Ctrl+Shift+1 – Sort playlist by title

Ctrl+Shift+2 – Sort playlist by file name

Ctrl+Shift+3 – Sort playlist by file path and name

Ctrl+R – Reverse playlist

Ctrl+Shift+R – Randomize playlist

1 to 0 – Increase EQ bands

q to p – Decrease EQ bands

` – Increase EQ preamp

Tab – Decrease EQ preamp

S – Open presets menu

Ctrl+S – Load preset

A – Toggle EQ aauto-loading

Ctrl+F4 – Close (hide) graphical equalizer

5 on numeric keypad – Play, restart, update

0 on numeric keypad – Open/play file

6/4 on numeric keypad – Next track / previous track

3/1 on numeric keypad – Jump 10 songs forward / jump 10 songs back

7/9 on numeric keypad – Rewind 5 seconds / Fast-forward 5 seconds

8/2 on numeric keypad – Turn volume up / turn volume down

Ctrl+0 on numeric keypad – Open/play location

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